We will guide your youth

to get back their life.

Our service is focused on helping youth build the mental strength to know themselves and to understand their world so they can go forward with independence and with self generated purpose and poise.


They manage drug use; they manage a behavior; they manage their self-worth – because they have learned to see their own power and see their world as a capricious state whose instability can stimulate, not reduce them.

Our Method. There are three ways to help someone who is going through life in an unhealthy manner.

One is to design a performance program (abstinence, mindfulness, CBT) that forms a healthy path.  Personal growth is left to the person to do, or to neglect while designed performance becomes the main goal.  This shows early compliance but can revert to familiar routines when new problems override the applied responses.

Another is to determine that the unhealthy behaviour was evoked by unfair impositions and expectations and remove them from their stresses or remove the stresses from them.  This also works in the short-term but, since stresses will always arise, if not from one source then another, the impositions will again “push their buttons”.

The third is to help the person accept the normalcy of the stresses and to build insight and understanding.  This builds the character and resilience of the person to confront the stresses with personal strength and so display healthy behaviour even when new conditions arise or support systems are not available.  they want and can reach positively.  This will override the unhealthy ones that then fade through attrition.  The start is slower as it requires full insight and determination from the person but the maintenance is strong, self-directed and purposeful.

We do the third.  This allows us to steer our clients quickly from the need for long-term support and become fully responsible adults who are no longer irresponsible, not because they are restrained, but because they know how to move forward.

Efficacy. Because we focus on building Mental Strength, our discussions and guidance will be on the individual, the commonality of life’s  stresses, and how to manage them independently.  Our clients get strong to be able to do well because they feel good about themselves first.  They don’t wait to have accomplished something they did not have the strength to do in order to get the strength to do (a contradiction).  We will, however, encourage them to explore social exposure if they are insecure, solitude if they are socially dependent, discipline if they are reckless, relaxation if they are neurotically driven, and abstinence if they are actively using.  We will not condemn them when they fall.  We will just get them refocused on building the inner self.  This is effective because they will do well from their own excitement about life, not from ours or our governance. We encourage them to look at themselves differently and learn to like themselves, not for what they have or what they can do, but for what they are.

Interaction. Our interaction is conducted with small groups of 5-6 youth who are invited to both learn and discuss life, their responsibility to it, and their responsibility to themselves and others in it.  We do it from a psycho/socio/organic/ontological position.  This is an area that is sadly neglected in almost every youth’s experience.

This focus allows us to keep our interaction to discussions rather than physical activities or superficial social involvement.  They are given challenges to stimulate them in the evenings to discuss the following day.

We do not focus on revealing and correcting  flaws.  We base our whole philosophy on the idea that we are all born flawed.  We learn to rise above them.  Therefore, when someone has a flaw, it is a remnant of an inherent quality they have not yet risen above.  Therefore, we do not waste time correcting a flaw.  Instead, we focus on building insights, discipline, and self-accountability.

Sessions. We will see small groups of five to eight youth weekly for as long as they need us.  Usually they see the light within two months This is usually all that is required. The stimulation and imparted sense of responsibility takes over.  Usually a youth will be able to take the ball and run with it without further assistance.  We will, however, continue to be available to any graduate from our program to discuss a tough decision or a recent fall.  We never judge nor condemn.  We always encourage the determination to move forward.

Sometimes a youth may not participate fully in the program but has gained something if only by association.  This is often because they are coming from such a disconnected state (from drugs or just life’s stresses) that they were only able to grasp a small part.  Such youth may wish to return at a later date. They will always be welcome.

Cost.  We want to make this affordable to as many families that want it as possible.  Therefore, we charge a reasonable for the full registration of any youth.  Registration covers them for any need to talk with one of our counsellors anytime, even months later.   We can do this because our method is directed at self-determination.  We are not just giving support.  Instead, by encouraging youth to take on life with authority and maturity, there is little need for continuing support, only for the occasional tweaking.

Because the fee is partially covered by provincial plans, we will  discuss it with you after the complimentary initial assessment.


INSPIRE… Do not just dismiss, punish, or shelter your youth