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Our service is focused on helping you get back your mental strength, knowing how to reinforce it yourself, and being able to go forward with independence and self generated confidence and poise.

Our Method. There are two ways to help someone stop an unhealthy habit.  One is to be the controller and steer the person through abstinence.  Personal growth is left to the person to do, or to neglect while abstinence becomes the main goal.  This shows early compliance but quickly can revert to relapse when the lack of personal growth reveals old feelings of inadequacy.

The other is to build character and understanding that allows the person to build healthy habits that override the unhealthy ones.  The start is slower as it requires full insight and determination from the person but the maintenance is strong and purposeful.

We do the latter.  Our usual time to get the person to want to change is one month, some less and some a little more.  This allows us to graduate quickly from the need for long-term support and see our clients as fully responsible adults who are no longer using, not because they are self-restrained, but because they want to move forward.

Privacy. Our support and guidance are fully private.  Whether in personal one-on-one counselling or as one of a small group of searchers, we do not focus on correcting  flaws.  We base our whole philosophy on the idea that we are all born flawed.  We learn to rise above them.  Therefore, when someone has a flaw, it is a remnant of an inherent quality they have not yet risen above.  Therefore, we do not waste time correcting a flaw.  Instead, we focus on building insights, disciplines, and self-awareness, qualities that can be discussed openly and without concern for privacy.

Efficacy. Because we focus on building Mental Strength, our discussions and guidance will be on the individual, the commonality of life’s  stresses, and how to manage them independently.  Our clients get strong to be able to do well because “you feel good about you, not seek to feel good because of what you have done”.  We will, however, encourage you to explore social exposure if you are insecure, solitude if you are socially dependent, discipline if you are reckless, relaxation if you are neurotically driven, and abstinence if you are actively using.  We will not condemn you if you fall.  We will just get you refocused on building you.  This is effective because you will do well from yuor own excitement about life, not from ours or our governance. We encourage you to look at yourself differently and learn to like yourself, not for what you have or what you can do, but for what you are.

Support. We will always be available if you need a question answered or a concern explored between sessions.  We do, however, ask you to understand that our objective is self-governance.  Thus, progress may seem slow at first but, as the client grows, this takes a life of its own.  We also want you to know that this does not take a long time.  Usually, significant success is realized within six to eight weeks… and it lasts well beyond that.

Extended Services.  We find that, by teaching people to see themselves and life differently, those who finish the structured program usually do not need further support.  Since we believe that anyone can grow up to be as intelligent or as spiritually content as anyone else, it will be self-defeating to provide on-going support. We do, however, allow anyone to contact us anytime just to discuss a pressing matter or simply to touch base.

COSTS:  We bill a fixed fee of $10,000.00 for our private, one-on-one counselling.  We continue working with your youth or loved one until we see improvement.  THERE IS NO TIME-LIMITATION! We prefer an up-front commitment in both the participation and fee payment so we can focus on building the client, not on billing.  Nonetheless, we understand concerns about the possibility of non-compliance.  Therefore, we will consider and discuss a reasonable deposit with full payment of the remainder as soon as we can see and agree that we are making inroads and engaging your youth.  Regardless, we will finish our commitment by seeing your youth to full maturity.
If you wish to empower yourself as a parent or caregiver, or if you wish a less expensive option, may we suggest our web-based assistance that both gives you the insight and instruction to understand and assist your youth and offers online guidance if you reach a snag?
You may explore this at: www.understandingchange.org.


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