We show you how you can restore or rebuild mental strength

– in yourself if you are a seeker or in your wards if you are a caregiver –

so life stresses can be managed, not just survived.

We see Mental Strength (existential strength) as the most powerful and most essential aspect of the human condition.

Without it, anyone can drift into complacency, existing passively without passion or personality.  When it is weak or inconsistent, anyone can fail or go through great lengths trying to hide or prevent failure.

When it is free and capable, anyone can master anything, rise above any challenge – independently, purposefully, positively.

A person needs only to focus on learning how to build the strength,

not fix or remove the weakness.

First, know and accept that an addiction, insecure self-image, or mood disorder are not life sentences. They are the displays of a person’s fears and limitations. These we are all are born with. These everyone is equipped to overcome – if taught how.


People – you, me, our children, our clients – just need the guidance and encouragement… to understand life and to understand the power within and build it.  They overcome the affliction by conquering the fears and limitations that drive it.

The program used at Prometheum Institute and offered here, is both unique and potent.


We project that every human being is a powerful force of reason, understanding, and management, sleeping until awakened.  It is an identity that has to be realized and developed.  And until that realization is fully made, anyone – the rich or poor, the erudite or naïve, the saint or sinner – may attach their identity to responses that are natural, primitive instincts based on material, social, or physiological assets.  They are the seed capital, necessary but temporary.  Each person is required to emerge above them with the evolved power of mental strength and acuity.  Their persistence is just a manifestation of mental apathy or eccentricity than a fault or flaw we or they are fated to live with.

So really, it is more effective to build what we deserve or help a person build what is their right but have not acquired pre-eminently than remove a natural option that has gotten out of hand.  We want to build self-worth, not remove defences.


A shield in battle is necessary, but not as the main defence.  We do not remove the shield even if someone is fearfully or stubbornly hiding behind it.  Instead, we teach them how to use the sword.

Find out how you can do this – for yourself even if you are in a position of power, or for your clients if your job is to help.

Give yourself a real break.  Call us.  Write us.  But for goodness sake, do something truly positive for yourself.