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Your personal journey

Build Mental Strength, not just heal mental weakness

Prometheum Institute has developed a unique approach to helping you manage a mental health or addiction issue.  We do not manage you.  We teach you to manage yourself. We show you how to build your mental strength to allow you to do this.  We do not reduce your stresses or protect you from these challenges in order to reach abstinence.  We do not focus on abstinence as the goal to better mental health.  Instead we focus on better mental health as the goal to reaching abstinence.  That way, we graduate you so you can face your reality and become productive, self-assured, and purposeful, abstinent because life is more interesting, not unable to challenge yourself to be successful because it may cause you to lose your abstinence.

Let us show you how to believe in you.

Your Part – Know yourself

Our structured lessons and audiovisual discourses are designed to take you on a simple journey. It is a journey you will do on your own, following guidance that is strategically designed in a variety of deliveries.  These varied approaches will allow you to build insights that come from within you – your own Mental Strength

You may wonder how some general chats or a specific series of instruction can help when your own problem is so unique. You want and need to bond with someone who has the strength and insight to understand your personal, private hurts, fears, uncertainties, and listen intently to your unique story. So how can chats, no matter how empowering or how comforting, help you?

Though your status seems to demand a more caring interaction than an intellectual or inspiring one, we still see that everyone has their history of trauma, neglect, abuse, losses, hurts, unique and personal impositions and weakness. And the using of substances to quell these feelings may also be uniquely inspired in each person. So it may seem that each person needs a kind, considerate, knowledgeable, and wise person to embrace them, bond with them, and make them feel that someone understands their pain.

Yet, it is a pain that is hidden and also difficult to reveal so few people can understand it, and few can reach inside and fix it if they do understand it.  Therefore, I am inviting you to be that person for yourself – the person who can be kind, considerate, wise – even though you do not believe it from within yourself at this time. You can do it, however, if you go behind that pain and look at something that is less dramatic. It is the hidden, suppressed, neglected, undiscovered you – your soul. That is what you really do not know how to do. And it is what we will guide you to do.  You see, it is easier for us to teach you what we know and guide you to apply it to you than for us to keep what we know and use it to fix what we really can’t see, touch, or feel – because it is deeply hidden within you.

Our Part – Teach you to know yourself

We, or your own counsellor, will be your guide, not your healer – because this strategy allows us to see every human being as an intelligent life force functioning through a physical body. In other words it redirects us, not to look at the body, but to look for you, the mind, soul, essence, spirit – whatever you may call it – and work to build and inspire that.  You need to know it, own it, and inspire it so YOU can function independently in a world that will challenge you, always more than you have developed the ability to face.

If you have learned to build your identity based on value systems defined by material possessions, appearance, physical strength and stamina, social acceptance, genetic or cultural attributes, then your mental strength becomes as fragile, fickle, or superficial as they are. This can leave you compromised, weakened, or exhausted mentally whenever these vulnerable sources are compromised.

When you start using these lessons and getting guidance from us or your counsellor who accepts this strategy, you will discover why you may not have stability in your mental strength.  You will learn that instability or insufficiency here is not an illness or disease.  It is an omission in some areas of your insight and perspective.  And that is okay since, in these complex times, anyone will be challenged beyond their developed insights no matter how extensive that may be.  Sometimes that omission is because of insufficient stimulation in formative years.  Sometimes it results from concentrated effort in one area of experience. Sometimes it results from the erroneous assumption that priviledge excuses us from the work of self-develoment..

Our Undertaking

We are asking you to go through this series of lessons online even though they may appear to be a burdensome undertaking.  You see, we teach you how to transfer value to yourself as a mind with the power to think, create understanding, and do so appropriate to the challenges offered within your reality.  We want you to be able to do it because the things you have to do, people you have to work with or live with, your physical health can change at a moment’s notice leaving you muddled no matter how prepared you think you are.

We are offering them as video lessons because, athough the arguments may seem too challenging to understand at first, you will be better able to control the pace and repetition here than in a formal setting.  If you wish some guidance to augment your personal examinations of the discourses or apply them to specific conditions, you can easily get them from your own counsellor or perhaps through a private consultation with us.

You can also access the discourses and tutorials anytime.  They are free.  Please use them fully and thoroughly with the same dedication with which they are offered.

This strategy offered by Prometheum Institute is one on life management through enlightenment.  It is offered as an extension to therapy, not a replacement of it.  We do NOT purport to offer therapy.  You may, however, discover that you will have less need for therapy as you use the guidance to build personal mental strength.    Its aim is to help you to see yourself and your life-challenges with greater clarity through information and logic so YOU manage better, not settle for a simple existence under care and supervision.

Albert Einstein is reputed to have said that “Human endeavour might be described as an attempt to replace ignorance with knowledge.”  This is an invitation to manage mental health with human endeavour.

If you like this website please send it to your friends or colleagues.  Some may benefit.  Some may know of others who may benefit.