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The road to mental strength and addiction recovery is built on understanding!

Understanding comes from within.  No one can give it to you.  We can only lead you to where and how YOU can get it.

When you are trying to recover from a mental health lapse or a lifestyle of using drugs, alcohol, or other substances and activities that have given a “reprieve from the stresses of life”, you have to do more than survive the day.  You still have to face the stresses that once overpowered you and now move forward on your own steam.   It is nice and comforting to have a caring, knowledgeable counselor holding your hand through that journey. Yet, no matter how often you can see your counselor, the majority of your time will be spent forging your own way, relying on your own strength.


Therefore, it is imperative that you know how to build your own strength, even if that journey seems arduous and overbearing. You see, neither an addiction nor mental anguish is an imposition, a condition placed on you beyond your free will.  Rather, it is a condition that results when you are not properly equipped to deal with the stresses of your reality leaving you to function reactively rather than with the popwer of reason and depth of understanding.  Sometimes this is because, in your formative years, your reality was uniquely overbearing (abuse, turmoil, oppression). Sometimes, you were just not given balanced guidance (neglect, narrowly focused, pampered).


Thus, our invitation to you through the following discussions is to guide you to work on your most tender, most essential area of your being, your rational mind or soul. The good thing about doing this process we call self-realization is that, when you have completed it, you will discover that the need that once drove your desire to escape your reality or caused your mental anguish will fade out. You will pursue recovery, not because you want to stop what you were doing, but because you want to enjoy more deeply what you have discovered – you, the soul – a being with purpose and meaning that is secure and able to grow in wisdom, understanding, and insightful judgment.


Therefore, more than soothe you, we want to give you the ingredients to build an inner strength that you can believe in, one that you can rely on as you go forward. Still see your counselor. However, learn to know yourself, like yourself, believe in yourself. That is what this invitation is intended to give you.  We refer to these discussions as Fireside Chats because we want you to view them without pressure, at a leisurely pace. Digest them and make the insights your own. We offer this free so you can discuss your progress with your own counselor.

AN INVITATION - Understand Your True Needs.


This is a discourse on how to look behind the behaviour and determine the parameters of what cannot be seen – the feelings, thoughts, capabilities, and limitations that live within you, hidden from the world, but are part of you or the fullness of you nevertheless.  It shows how to look into how you really see the world and your place in it, what are the visions that drive you and the insecurities that hinder you and generate the defensive behaviours that cause you to act inappropriately or inadequately. This is the process of Self-Realization.

First of all, you are a person, a human being, searching for your place in this world or your purpose for living.  Your first challenge, therefore, is to understand yourself, the inner essence that is the personality, the identity, who or what you are and why you are. Then, you must understand the world that impacts you – the things that happen to change your surroundings, the other people who will impact you and those things that affect you just by sharing your space with others and they, their space with you.  You must understand your body, that complex machine that works without your say-so but relies on you to take care of it daily.

This exercise we will do with you will allow you to have and share insights that empower you to examine deeper and more objectively than is easy or natural. Remember, you know yourself better than anyone else can. With the insights you will have on these things and activities no one else can see no matter how much an authority they may be, you will be able to take yourself through any challenge, any feeling within yourself and your body, and any behaviour others may impose on you, and do that with an independent sense of authority, not one conferred by some other seemingly more balanced person.

This first part will encourage you to place greater focus on yourself as an intelligent mind-force, a metaphysical existent with the capacity to grow regardless of the level of uncertainty or misperception of the world and your place in it. In these discussions I will fluctuate between speaking to you as the person looking into yourself and also as the person who will impact others because your response is as affected by theirs as theirs is affected by yours.

Let’s face it, by the mere fact that you may have lost control of an activity that has become a habit or are experiencing some level of uncertainty in the way you are managing yourself in an uncertain world of change and uninvited impositions, or if you are simply seeking clarity for yourself, you are in the position of looking for a better understanding of life and how it impacts you daily.

I cannot say that these discourses will give you answers that are profound or earth-shaking.  I can, however, state that they will stimulate different ways for you to think and examine yourself and life.  You will form your own conclusions. Yes, you will get some guidance in using and interpreting these discussions but you will be the author of your own progress.  Though it may feel more urgent to deal with immediate issues, it is important to realize that such action is only a “bandaid” approach. It is better to place that apparently urgent condition on hold and build clarity than it is to deal with the urgency without personal clarity. Then, any action to manage differently will come from within you, not as your enacting of someone else’s ideas and suggestions.

This part of the course will establish the idea that the mind is you, that it has to be developed differently than is the body; it cannot be left to chance.

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