We will use four different online deliveries to engage you and lead you through what can be a difficult or heavy exercise.  But it is one you may need to do and will benefit from doing.

You will notice that the menu above has changed.  This shows you the different media we will use to guide you and gives you a sample of each.  Please examine each of the deliveries and then go to the registration page to get the full access.


his is a personal journey that begins with a structured look at life, relating, and the logic of living in a reality of constant change, chaos, and complexity. Today’s youth have an appropriate description of it. They see it as the noises of life, the state of having a tremendous array of conditions happening in the background and foreground, disturbing their focus while presenting nothing of immediate consequence (the way they see it, at least). The noises are not situations that produce sound. The term is a metaphor for the activity that creates confusion and chaos in the situations they are trying to face.  And it affects every age – not just youth.

You may be searching because…

  • you just want to take the reins again after suffering states of depression, grief, loss, anxiety, fear that have sidelined you and left you bruised and weakened.
  • you have an established habit or addiction you want to ;leave and manage yourself more responsibly
  • you are a youth on the cusp of maturity and want to know more, accomplish more, or overcome a slow start
  • you want to secure a relationship or marriage that seems to offer more conflict, more disharmony or uncertainty than you can fix or avoid

Be better prepared. Learn to look into the abstract and be its Master. Let us guide you there.


ife is complex but it does not have to be complicated.  We can try to ignore the complexity, but it never goes away. As much as it disturbs life, it is also responsible for forming it. We are travelling with it even when we try to ignore some parts of it. As with all journeys, we can travel it blindly and be vulnerable to the unseen pitfalls and dangers even if we have developed familiarity with those areas we have experienced. On the other hand, we can get a logical persective and be better prepared to deal with pitfalls that are hidden or can arise unpredictably even in conditions that were once familiar and easily manageable.

Therefore, this journey is not one of a different or virgin territory. It is a guided understanding of the territory you already know and still have to traverse but will change even as you travel the same way at a different time.


uch of what you will be given will consist of abstract discussions. This is intentional. Rather than paint a picture that may be easy to follow but may be irrelevant for you, the intent is to guide you to paint your own picture, create your own visual interpretations that will allow you to apply the logic to what is relevant to you. Each time you view one of the lessons you will have a deeper understanding of what it attempts to provide.  This is because you are creating your own interpretations, not following a set path created for you.  You may want a quick answer that can make bad things go away, but you are better off taking it slowly, even continuing to suffer the hardships you want todissolve while you acquire the ability to live above them.

We will back up our support with private communication in a secure connection, but we will also be available to see you at our offices if you wish to have a personal consultation.  However, we do prefer that you start engaging with these discussions and so prepare yourself on this journey of personal discovery before exploring that option.  We see this journey as essential because it gives you ownership over your growth of awareness and sense of purpose.

To get started on the online guidance, you will need to REGISTER. We charge a fee we believe is fair and affordable. Our fee is a one-time charge of $250.00 CA for unrestricted, endless use with no renewal requirements.  This includes unlimited direct access to us through the private, personal  message board.


Our Goal is Empowerment through Self-Discovery and Self-Determination.