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Manage Depression or its Manifestations?

Depression can be a severely devastating experience so it cannot be taken lightly.  Those who experience it want treatment urgently.  Those who treat it want to relieve their patients as quickly and as expeditiously as possible.  But that urgent undertaking is addressed at treating the emergence, the effect of depression.  These are the feelings of pain, loneliness, self-loathing, fear, etc. What, however, is the condition? What is the cause? Unless we cand efine and reach that, the emergence will come back repeatedly.  All we cwould have done is temporarily subdued the symptoms.

Let us, therefore, examine and analyze the underlying condition that emerges with the severe symptoms of depression.  First, let’s define it.  Depression is a feeling of emptiness, a chasm in the reality of self manifested as a complete shutdown of being. No matter how the symptome emerge, that is what drives them. Yet, we can ask, how can a person feel so empty some of the time? What drains it? What fills it? The answer is that, in a person with depression, nothing does.  Nobody is ever completely empty.  Nobody can be completely full.  So there is a partial filling in the integrity and realization of self.  What we tend to do is compensate most of the time by inflating it using coping systems of one sort or another.    When that coping system is removed, lost, or exhausted, the partial emptiness hits with a bang… suddenly and harshly.  We are left feeling embarrassingly less than what we displayed and too physically weak to rebound.  The emptiness stays and even becomes more profound, unless we are able to restore the physical strength to engage the coping systems – with support, time, or medications.  And we resume the cycle again.

The real solution is to know self, know how to expand on that partial emptiness and build a steady, strong, self-generated sense of self.  It is to build mental strength through self-realization and self-actualization.

Prometheum Institute offers a comprehensive life management strategy that can be used to process and manage any of those situations described above.  It is based on reason and logic, not doctrine or dogma.  It is not therapy.  It is a strategy – deep but not abstract.  It may seem complex  – because life, and the conditions we often fail to manage ARE complex.  Our examination must be deep – to understand this complexity.  It must be real because abstract ideas pollute our understanding.  It is therefore, not therapy.  It is a powerful examination of things we are not inclined to examine naturally allowing the exercise to be both enlightening and exhilarating.

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Let us give you the tools to guide yourself to believe in you, build a strong self-esteem or self-image.  You don’t learn to change what you are doing or what you are feeling.  You learn, instead how to see life and yourself intelligently, rationally, and purposefully.  It may be just all you need, or it can be a way to make counselling inexpensive, expeditious, and more beneficial.

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Abstract discourses can be tiresome.  It may, therefore, be useful to book a live, online or personal discussion with a counsellor associated with us for a reasonable fee.  All our counsellors have studied the mental-strength approach we use in these pages.  We suggest a fee of $150.00 for a 1.5 hour consultation but your counsellor may adjust this fee to his/her discretion.

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