we use logic

not empathy that keeps you needing us

not restraint that leaves you just surviving

not medication that still represses you, only differently

Our objective is self-governance.  So we will not tell you what to do.  We show you how to build the self-image that is yours so you can have it to propel yourself forward when times seem tough and other people unforgiving.

We see you as human – an intelligent life force – and we will inspire and stimulate that.

You will never be our project.

Since we use logic and general enlightenment, there is no need for secrecy or anonymity.  We do not dwell on your pains or your personal story.  We show you how to build and expand your inner self so you get true self-worth from your own rationale.

We will guide you – at your pace – to see all of life and realize your own strengths so you can have authority over yourself (not under us or anyone else)

This can be done in private discussions.


It can be done in small groups (so it is quite affordable)


Or we will come and give a one-day seminar to a large group within a community (so you can discuss within your community and grow from open discussions)  We encourage discussions, not on pain or weakness, but on discovery of insights and wisdom.

You may wish to check out the published manuscript here.

We can help you TODAY

CALL 1-855-233-0370…  Or

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