we are not a rehabilitation facility that takes you back to where you were.
We are an inspirational facility that takes you forward to where you belong.

we offer a unique engagement you will find both convenient and highly effective.

It is based on the realistic though not often admitted recognition that any progress in personal management is done by each person in his or her own mind. In other words, an advisor or counsellor only guides you to explore the insights yourself. Unlike fixing a car or healing a body, the mind is unreachable. Nobody can get in and manage you.


Therefore, you only need guidance and the occasional tweak or encouragement. This is what we will give you.


In other words, you do not need the physical hug or restraint.  You need the emotional hug and the mental encouragement, connections that are actually virtual, not physical.

Our objective is self-governance.  So we do not tell you what to do – no matter how weak, altered, uncertain, or defiant you are when you first contact us.   Instead, we help you to build, rebuild, or repair your self-image and seek one that is based on the power of the core, not on possessions, achievements, connections, or recognition.


With a belief in a strong and prepossessing core, you can be better able to propel yourself forward with self-generated wisdom, purpose, and poise, even when times seem tough and people unsupportive or unforgiving.  There is no need to seek solace through substances or other distractions as even a tough reality will be manageable, and rewarding in its management.  Therefore,

we use logic

not empathy that keeps you needing us

not restraint that leaves you just surviving

not medication that still represses you, only differently

We do it using an audiovisual exploration of life and your place in it as an individual. This does not manage you nor give you our solutions. Rather, it opens your mind to knowing yourself better and allows you to get the guidance wherever you are whenever you want it.


We augment  it with actual, real time consultations that help you to build your insights and apply them effectively.  These are designed specifically for you after an initial comprehensive analysis of your feelings, the conditions that erode them, your development of personal strengths to deal with them, and the conditions that challenge or even overwhelm you.  This is a complimentary analysis before you make a decision to go further.


This lets you feel as assissted as you are in the presence of a counsellor who knows you and knows both your weakness and strengths..


Recovery does not have to be an expensive proposition that bankrupts you and keeps you in perpetual state of dependency, if not on your chemical, on the people who must assist and encourage you. It must be an exercise in restoration – of your life, your dignity, and your personal power and independence.

want to really eliminate your addiction?  Then get started there on your journey of affordable, comprehensive, and effective self-restoration.

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