Personal Crisis Management

How do you manage a crisis? Do you panic? seek help? slump into a depression? or push through relentlessly without logic or forethought?
How do you help your dependents (patients or family) through their crises? Offer blind support? symptomatic treatment? exhortations to man-up?

Look, a crisis can visit anyone anytime. How we manage through it, not how we slip past it, is the key to let us emerge with self-assurance and composure, not fear or weakness.

What is your crisis?

drug use crisis?

alcohol use crisis?

gambling crisis?

family crisis?

sexual promiscuity crisis?

personal identity crisis?

peer acceptability crisis?

bullying crisis?

infidelity crisis?

health crisis?

legal crisis?

relationship crisis?

performance crisis?

adolescence crisis?

academic crisis?

career crisis?

burnout crisis?

The world is tough But no one should be its victim.

You can  be bigger than your challenges but you must know how


A crisis is an event that arises when the conditions that impact us are at variance with the resources we have for managing them.  When we are going through a crisis, it can feel that our world has collapsed around us.  We want to run and hide, and sometimes the temptation is to hide forever.  Yet, a crisis is neither our fault nor that of another person.  It happens… often when we are oblivious to its evolution.  This is life, and even when a crisis seems to have left us, it continues to bubble under the surface only to reappear when we are least prepared.  A crisis will come at its own whim; it will stay until WE manage it logically and intelligently.

Everyone is uniquely equipped to be able to do just that.  We just need to be able to understand and master two facts.  One is that life exists as a perpetual state of motion – material, biological, social – and each state will bring new conditions that will affect us  slowly and manageably at some times, or suddenly and astronomically without warning. The other is that our power of logic and reason can be developed to near limitless levels and used to let us navigate through any adversity, if we know how to reach in, build it, and believe in it.

Therefore, I will not discuss any individual crisis with you.  A crisis is a crisis.  Things happen.  It’s the effects that are different. It is how we gather the power to manage that counts. That! is what we intend to discuss here with any reader who wants to be the master of their life.  We will not attempt to solve your crisis nor soothe you until the crisis dissipates because then you will only become the puppet of someone else’s solutions.

Like all lower life forms, every human being is born with a body that functions naturally.  Black, white, brown, or yellow, it is not us; it is our instrument of perception and presentation. We do not have to learn to beat the heart or operate the liver. Unlike the lower life forms, however, we are endowed with a mind, a capacity for reason.  When fully developed, it will supersede any other biological, material, financial, or social strength, but it is rudimentary at birth. It is the only quality we can build and are required to build.  And what we build belongs only to us. It is as strong as we have given it the energy to be.

Let us show you how YOU can logically and purposefully make your mental strength your greatest aspiration so you can rise to any challenge or unhealthy response to it no matter how those challenges or unhealthy responses may already be established in your life. Learn how you can immunize it from the vicissitudes of social, biological and material influences.  We can neither stop them nor prevent them but we CAN rise above them.  With that vision and realization you will be able to rise to any crisis or even an unhealthy disposition or response to a crisis because YOU have learned to solidify your own strength – mentally, emotionally, existentially.

Please explore the contents offered here and start your free, self-guided examination.  When you are ready, book an appointment so we can show you how to make it a natural part of you, not just something you read or even understand.  We do not work with your crisis.  We work with you.  The idea is to teach you how to identify yourself as the mind (with a body)  It is a complex examination and analysis but, when you get it, you are elevated above any other definition of self.  A fault in any of these areas then is only a fault in your associations, not in you.  You become immune, therefore, to any external imposition.  You are simply challenged to rise above them.  Let us show you how.

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