A Crisis occurs when…

the strategy we use to deal with the demands of life either becomes unavailable or less supportive.

These are the types of strategies we tend to use to make life more rewarding or less onerous:

those based on… material values (money, possessions, qualifications, achievements)

those based on… social values (friends, family, affiliations, status)

those based on…biological values (beauty, shape, stamina, strength)

those based on…existential values (reason, insight, comprehension, logic)

The first three can be acquired with or without effort but also can be removed or devalued completely without apparent cause.  Then anyone can feel afraid, lonely, empty, lost, confused, or abandoned.

Our Strategy

Today, we raise our children in nice houses, with lots of toys, and freedom to play in safe places.  We ensure that their world is uninvasive and entertaining.  We, however, forget to help them realize an identity that allows them to feel competent to face the change and uncertainty they will inherit in the world they must inhabit as adults.

We do not have the time or energy to teach them to be mentally or spiritually self-reliant.  So when they have to face a world that seems too harsh or stressful, they run to what they know best and hide within the apparent safety of… drugs, friends, sports, internet games, or other superficial trends.

The audiovisual discourses contained in the Modules will guide you to logically and purposefully build a personal sense of purpose you can impart to your youth – even at a later stage in their growth –  so that they can grow existentially and realize the value of self and, on their own volition or at their own pace…

  • leave a drug habit with dignity and poise
  • rise out of insecurity or self-loathing with renewed self-assurance
  • manage social networking intelligently
  • control or subdue anger or rage
  • be more considerate and less selfish or manipulative
  • embrace a desire to make building their personal identity their main goal and highest aspiration.

How we Guide you

Identify The What

Alcohol Abuse

Cocaine Abuse

Opioid Abuse


Uncontrolled Anger


Social Isolation

Social Insecurity

Performance Anxiety

Self Harm




Family Conflict

Know The Why

  • because they help suppress or hide feelings of inadequacy, burnout, self-doubt, rejection, fear, uncertainty, confusion, or failure that emerges when the resources on which you rely are weak, superficial, or fragile and cease boosting you.
  • because they reveal the emptiness within the self when the crutches fail or are taken away.
  • because they permit the opportunity to fit in or be accepted by certain peers, employers, lovers, or friends.
  • because it is easy to impulsively seek physical pleasure as life’s main goal or purpose

Discover The How

Learn how to appreciate yourself for a value that is you, yours, and infinitely expandable.

Learn how gratifying it is to do because you feel good, not seek to feel good because of what you have succeeded in doing.

Discover a better, more gratifying and purposeful goal and meaning for your life so old behaviours just no longer attract.

Learn to be excited and content by discovering yourself and building yourself to be the best you can be.

Learn that the more you seek wisdom the happier and more confident you will be.

Do it for yourself! Do it out of pure curiosity.

Do it in order to understand and help a loved one or dependent.

It is not a packaged technique your therapist will guide you to follow.

Rather, it challenges you to think outside the box.

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