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This is a self-administered, online course.

This course promises to give you a new and exciting look at communicating with what may perhaps be the most evasive, defensive, and resistant of responsibilities.  You are charged with guiding your clients both to give up “an old friend” and to embrace life with hope, anticipation and maturity.  It is a tough challenge.


You will learn, not a better way of managing the addiction, but a more comfortable and self-assured way of communicating with your clients.  It is a demanding course but it will give you resources that will make your work easier and more successful.  You are invited to examine the course before committing to it.


There is an opportunity to sign up for a free, unrestricted trial period after which you may wish to continue to the full course.  Then, you must complete the official registrration on the course portal page. If you wish not to continue, you need do nothing else.  Your registration will be deleted autommatically after the stated period. The official registration will allow you to have support and guidance, interaction through private messaging, registration for webinar discussions, quiz assessments and feedback, and certification at the end to be submitted to receive your CE credits. The cost of official registration at this introductory stage is $250.00  and includes all benefits until certification.


I am sorry but my attempt to offer an unrestricted personal use has come up with some snags and I cannot offer it further.  If you had already signed up for a trial and it expired, your login information would have been purged and is no longer in the system.  You are invited to re-enter your information at either the official registration or trial registration below.

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Should you, for any reason, be unable to start the course after payment, please contact us and your full tuition will be refunded. Should you choose to discontinue the course after completing one or more section, you will be awarded CE credits for that which you have completed and a proportional refund will be issued for that which you are unable to complete.