beyond recovery

inspiring self-realization and self-actualization

in mental health and addiction management

There are two levels of the course offered.

The fully accredited course covers all the exercises, interactive communications, personalized feedback on your assessments, and flexible interaction through webinars and private communications to make your experience positive, powerful, and meaningful. It also covers your certificate of completion you submit for your CE credits. The cost for this is $250.00 CAD ($186.50 USD).

The elective course is the same except that the support is less academic and there are no CE credits offered. It is suggested for those who have an interest and do not need or cannot apply CE credits – team leaders, parents, referred clients. The cost of this option is $99.00 CAD ($75.00 USD).

For addictions or mental health counsellor requiring

CE credits

For health care professionals or team leaders who do not need

CE credits

We have made this an inexpensive course relative to the amount of information, our proposed time  of interaction and the credits offered.  This is because we want as many counsellors as possible to benefit from the valuable information contained.   Please expect to spend approximately 30 hours on course work, but also know that it is both stimulating and enjoyable.  Therefore, please pace the work or request study time. Thank you.