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The Course

Though this is an on-demand, self-administered online course, you will also be invited to solidify your engagement using both live webinars and real-time text interaction with us. You start anytime and are encouraged to complete each module assiduously once started.  You have a full year to complete all three modules but you will find that early completion gives you more than a certificate; it gives you insight you can apply immediately and grow efficiently.


You will learn, not a better way of managing the addiction, but a more comfortable and self-assured way of communicating with your clients. It is a demanding course but it will give you resources that will make your work more successful and less stressful.


The cost of the course is $250.00 USD.  For a limited time it is offered to counsellors in Canada for $250.00 CAD.


All new visitors are invited to examine the course structure and delivery using the Trial Registration link. All of the links are active except those that open the webinar, private messaging, assessment, and certificate of participation.  These links are available only to those who are registered for the full course.

Official Registration

Your agency (or anyone else) can also pay your registration by filling out the official registration using your email. A password will be provided.  When you receive the invitation to enter your first login, simply click “forgot password” and you can insert your own.  The login now belongs to you alone. Thank you.

Trial Registration

We have been asked by several counsellors to bring back the trial registration so they will have time to examine the course before proceeding. We have set it for one month.   Just remember that, after you pay for the full registration (at PayPal) and are redirected to our site to fill in your credentials, the full registration, you must check the button indicating that you are already registered.  That way, you do not get the error message that your credentials are already in the database. You may examine the structure and direction of the course here.


Should you, for any reason, be unable to start the course after payment, please contact us and your full tuition will be refunded. Should you choose to discontinue the course after completing one or more section, you will be awarded CE credits for that which you have completed and a proportional refund will be issued for that which you are unable to complete.

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