Private Counselling

Private counseling from a virtual platform can be just as personal as contact counseling.  There is full visual and audtory communication.

Additionally, it is convenient, discreet, easily accessible, safe, and contemporary.

Counselling is the art of providing appropriate reassurance and guidance from a knowledgeable and caring position. That does not need physical contact.  It needs conscious and cognitive interaction, an interchange that can be achieved here just as easily as with physical contact.


It is quite natural and understandable to believe or conclude that it is in your best interests to have a caring, capable counsellor in your physical presence to help, or guide you when you are in the depths of despair or lost in the throes of an addiction. You want somebody with greater wisdom and strength to save you. Yet a counsellor cannot save or soothe you. A good counsellor can only lead you to save or soothe yourself. Your answers and your actions always come from within. The good counsellor guides you to go there and build the strengths to find your own solutions. Of course, you want that ‘aha’ moment immediately and are often disappointed when you have to wait for it. But when you find a good counsellor, you can wait. Because you know he or she will lead you there. You can get that bonding in your established audiovisual communication just as easily and deeply as you can with physical contact.


Today, audiovisual communication has reached a zenith of lifelike communication. Each person is in the presence of the other so realistically that it can seem and feel like you are together in the same room, with the same privacy and intimacy yet with greater convenience and accessibility.


Add to that our unique focus of teaching you how to be your own source of inspiration and how to build and believe in it, not being your source of inspiration, and you have a positive, effective, and powerful experience. You will become your own authority going forward so your counselling experience with us is easily and purposefully self-limiting, controlled by you.

Sessions are booked in two hour meeting slots.  The first session is free.  Your advisor will determine at that time both the nature of your needs and their depth.


You will be offered an approach and expectation that will be appropriate to your needs, availability, and understanding.  We ask that you digest the information before making a decision and starting your procedure.  It is only after that decision will your sessions be charged each time you book an appointment. Our fees are reasonable.  We bill $125.00 per session with each session booked for two hours.  There are no over-run charges if your session goes over the set time as our intent is to stay with you until we are comfortable that you have benefitted from the session.

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Life is a journey, a journey to the achievement of clarity from the origin of darkness.  Let us throw light where you need it and encourage your appreciation of that which you have.