Our costs are reasonable and comprehensive.

Yet we offer you a searching, complete assessment at the start with full feedback at no cost or obligation.


e bill a fixed fee for working with your youth.  Our desire is not just to be available as counsellors, but to effect positive and powerful change in your youth.  Our fee is just $6000.00 for the full year of interaction.

As you can notice by the crude graph on the right, our involvement is very intense at the start, tailing off as the youth progresses.  We want it this way as our objective is both to empower the youth and also to see positive effects as early as possible.  The empowerment allows us to tail off as we shift responsibility to self management onto the youth who, by that time, knows why and how he/she must want to build character and wisdom.

Because much of the intense phase is concentrated at the start, we ask for full payment at the beginning of our interaction.  Thus, no further discussion about fees is necessary for the full year.  If we find that the youth is slow to start, we will automatically extend the intense phase so that the objective of early self-realization and self-accountability is accomplished.

Distribution of Interaction

Our Goal is Self-Discovery and Self-Determination.