Corporate Status

Prometheum Institute was registered as a corporation in Ontario on January 6, 2004 and has remained fully incorporated as the business 2038626 Ontario Limited since that time.

The business name, Prometheum Institute was registered with The Department of Colleges and Universities of Ontario and was given as a Master Licence in September 2011.  Under this licence, Prometheum Institute is allowed to provide mental health education to clients in three formats:

  1. Counselling services in a private setting
  2. self-directed learning material in the form of written and audiovisual formats
  3. Training and supervising providers to use the Understanding Change approach that Prometheum Institute has adapted from the research and publication of Albert de Goias, the founder.

Prometheum Institute uses and has been established with The Royal Bank of Canada since 2004 under the corporate account 2038626 Ontario Limited.  The home branch is located at 500 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario.  The branch number is 06752.

Prometheum Institute is registered with the Revenue Canada with an HST number requiring it to bill and submit HST payments attached to our billings.  The HST number is: 864731302RT0002

The corporate office is a holding office located within a residence at * Tottenham Road, Toronto, Ontario.