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To be you. To like you. To display you with pride, pleasure, and conviction.

Whether private or in small groups, our sessions are intense discussions that require about three hours of interaction each visit.  This way, however, we can get you to feel better about yourself and even start changing your attitudes and activities within a short time.

Naturally, there will be a cost for this but, because we are teaching you to be your own authority, your contributions will be reasonable and quite affordable.  We do not believe that we should benefit from your desperation.

Our goal is to enlighten and stimulate you, not make you our project.  Sowe want you to enjoy your association with us and send others so they too will benefit.

If you want a private session, please call us and arrange it.

If you want to join one of our presentations, please fill out the form.  We will get back to you within a day.

If you want us to come to your community and make a presentation, please fill out the form and give us some details.  We will call you and arrange a visit.


For faster, personalized service, please send us a little information about your needs.

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