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We want to help you…

Find yourself

Free yourself

To be you. To like you. To display you with pride, pleasure, and conviction.

Do not fear that the first thing you will be asked to do is to be strong when you feel weakest. We assure you that, at Prometheum Institute, we know this and we will work with you to get past that fear… at your pace.

We do not leave you empty and ask you to fill yourself. We show you that there is another, better option. Then we will work with you to give up the unhealthy option because you know and want the healthy one.

We offer only personal, one-on-one appointments.  So your privacy and discretion are guaranteed.

Our invitation

Take Action Today!

Let us meet and have an initial interview to determine your needs and for you to assess our approach. There is no cost or obligation.

This is a full interview, not just an introduction.  You will leave with new ideas and a plan of action.  Let us get started.  Today is always the best time.  Tomorrow is sometimes too late.

For your privacy we do not require your name.  You may fill in that area only if you wish to do so.

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