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Dare to be different. Dare to choose a really powerful option.
Getting free of a bad habit that may already be affecting your health your job, your relationships, or even your freedom is one thing.  Being able to stay that way while also tackling life on its terms is another.  You may feel or have been told that you need to stay in a safe place with good support and little stress so you can keep your abstinence.  That is true, but only for a while.

The fact is that you still have to live, not as a weak or sick person, but as a person who once was weak.  Therefore, you have to get strong by knowing what really was your weakness and how to overcome it.  To say it is an illness or a personality takes away all power from you to "get back on the horse" of life.  To realize that it was a lapse in your maturation  is another.  This frees you to accept that

  • we are all born immature
  • we learn to be mature
  • life can make this learning difficult
  • In our difficulty, it is easy and tempting to stay in our immaturity using whatever means we have even though it allows us to suffer the pain of loneliness, despair, or insecurity.

Let us show you how to build the inner strength of self-respect and use it to go forward confidently, lose the weakness of insecurity, loneliness or despair, and give up an addiction because you want to embrace life.

Please fill out this form and CONTACT US TODAY.Or simply call us: at  1-855-233-0370  Your dignity as an intelligent human being will benefit from it.

Prometheum Institute is a registered educational facility with a focus specifically on redirecting anyone who feels lost or who have already established habits they use to hide their failures or soften their pain.  We teach life management that allows you to leave toxic behaviours and destructive habits because you have discovered life and have learned to enjoy your newfound ability to manage it effectively. 


3250 Bloor Street West, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M8X 2X9. Canada.

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