Poorly guided, neglected, or disregarded in formative years Confused or drifting when facing stresses as a biological adult. GO TO COURSE The Neglected Oppressed, abused, or driven to perfection in a particular endeavour. Pushes self and others in chosen field but often overworked and exhausted or driven to frustration or despair. GO TO COURSE The Driven The Privileged Pampered, and free to make life easy without discipline or without inconveniences to their pursuit of comfort. Usually takes the easy road and pursues pleasure or comfort almost as a way of life or an entitlement. GO TO COURSE


Cinema is both a fascinating and highly professional canvas we can use to demonstrate and involve clients in seeing themselves analytically.  It can be more realistic than play acting and can bring in emotions that were suppressed giving you access to a healing that is deep, powerful, and sustainab;e.

Cinema is a fascinating tool that offers a polished version of ‘role play’ that a counsellor can use to involve any client to better see themselves from the outside. This allows early break-through in self-realization that can allow a faster progress in effective therapy. One of the things we all recognize is that the greatest obstacle in getting clients started on the road to recovery is the inability to focus on building themselves as they so easily focus on the impositions from outside. The denial and self-preservation can block the arrival of that “aha” monment. Cinema, by its ability to portray real-life behaviours, weaknesses, and insecurities can provide a great canvas for making a sensitive issue into a technical condition that can be discussed objectively.

This course will show you how to categorize the manifestations of an unhealthy behaviour and use the cinema as a means of bringing the client into his/her own therapy.  Clients, with appropriate guidance, can identify some aspects of their behaviour and even causes of their instability.  The cinema gives an objectivity that allows them to, not only see themselves from the outside in, but also to see where the continuance can take them.


They do this privately, not as a group, and so make the experience deeply personal and effective.  We will explorte with you how to see the movie analytically and how to apply them to a variety of clients.

There are many very powerful films that are usually seen for their entertainment value that can be analyzed and used as powerful teaching tools. The educational value must be discovered and brought to the forefront. We will use some examples that will not only show you how to use these films for specific conditions, but also how to look for such wonderful content in other shows that will come up for you to consider in your own practice.

Please look at the three categories shown in the images at the top.  You can navigate using the arrows at the side. From each, you can then go the course pertaining to that category. (We have deactivated the link to the individual pages while we are still in the Covid-19 crisis mode).  The links will be activated when we are able to support the courses again.

Though this has taken an enormous amount of time and effort – in researching the movies, analyzing them, and compiling them for this course – we do admit that it was originally done for our own extension of our ability to help our own clients.  It has been so useful that we wanted to share it openly.  We acknowledge that it will also take time and effort from you that may not be immediately rewarding.  We share it with the hope that you too will find it an exciting and useful tool to add to your own repertorie.