Build Mental Strength

and conquer anxiety, depression, addiction, toxic anger, and more…

Life is not a chess game.  It is rather more complex. The opponent, nature, has too many moves and is constantly adjusting at a sub microscopic level presenting new and different states with apparently reckless abandon.  We must, therefore, be better able to anticipate nature and manage ourselves in the apparent chaos of life using reason and understanding, as these challenges can easily and repeatedly erode those physical, financial, or even social attributes we may rely on otherwise.

What is your game plan?

What do you want from your life?





Do you want to Get rid of







The Challenge of Living In this Capricious World

  • Pull Yourself Out Of An Existential Rut
  • Conquer an Addiction or Leave a Destructive Lifestyle
  • Curb Anger or Leave a Criminal Past,
  • Build your Self-Esteem,
  • Calm and overcome anxiety,
  • Overcome feelings of depression or despair,
  • Conquer self-doubt,
  • Enjoy contentment at home and at work,
  • Save a Relationship, Heal a Family Division,
  • Guide a Youth to stay focused under pressure,
  • Motivate a Work Team to put their best foot forward,
  • Empower a Client to believe in self,
  • Reach Beyond Your Grasp and be the best you can be

The road is tough

The solution is easy

You only need to know where your strength lies

Like all lower life forms, every human being is born with a body that functions naturally.  We do not have to learn to beat the heart or operate the liver.  Unlike the lower life forms, however, we are endowed with a mind, a capacity for reason.  When fully developed, it will supersede any other biological, material, financial, or social strength, but it is rudimentary at birth.   It is the only quality we can build and are required to build.  And what we build belongs only to us. It is as strong as we have given it the energy to be.  Let us put our focus, therefore, on what matters – building mental strength to its highest potential and our greatest aspiration.

Let me show you how YOU can logically and purposefully elevate your mental strength to rise above any challenge or unhealthy response to it no matter how those challenges or unhealthy responses may already be established in your life.

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