We love to help youth find focus and inspiration toward real living…

to build

A strong self-image

with vision and true passion


Toronto, Ontario,


(416) 487-3775,




Let us help your youth get inspired to live life with depth and focus.  The time is NOW!

Don’t lose them to a reality that is harsh, extraordinary, and fickle.


Don’t let them sail through it with reckless abandon.  It will always be waiting!

When we see anyone for counselling, our sessions are intense discussions that require about two to three hours of interaction each visit.  This way, we engage each youth in a discussion that is about them!  They feel special.  It helps them to start thinking differently and even start changing attitudes and activities within a short time.

This is because we teach them to be their own authority, not simply healing hurts or structuring life for them.   We do not  see that a clean clinical setting that is pleasant for a month while we structure a behaviour prepares any youth for life outside.  We prefer to help them to see clarity in reality as their reality exists.

Our goal is to enlighten and stimulate, not make anyone OUR project.  So we want each person to enjoy their association with us, leave feeling empowered from within, and take on life with renewed interest and purpose.

Ask about our community presentations. Inquire about service in your location.  Just let us know your personal needs.