Private Counselling

Mental communication is a virtual exercise, even in the physical presence of a counsellor.

Yet, you get the same emotional connection, but one that is more convenient, very private, and easily reviewed on request.


oday virtual communication has become so sophisticated that it is easy to do operations from a virtual connection and even more easy to connect mentally and emotionally with someone who needs guidance.  Here, however, virtual counselling is more practical and effective because our method is not to be the source of purpose and reason for you, the client.  Rather it is to guide you and empower you to be the source of purpose and reason for yourself.

You leave each session empowered to do what you always want, look after yourself in a progressively purposeful and confident manner… after you leave the session… on your own.

This can be done just as easily in this setting as it is expected to occur in a fixed office.  Yet,  it is more convenient… to get to, as it is done in the convenience of home… without the bother of traffic or weather.  Our video meetings allow you a very personal way of connecting with your advisor who will guide you to see and examine yourself internally and give you the insight and encouragement you need to progressively take full control of the way you handle yourself in our unpredictable, unstable, and sometimes painful  reality.

We know that there is some comfort being in the physical presence of a supportive and compassionate advisor.  We also know that this transference is mental/emotional and, as such, can be accomplished just as well in a personal video interaction as in a physical meeting and may even be more advantageous because of its accessibility and privacy.


essions are booked in two hour meeting slots. The first session is free. Your advisor will determine at that time both the nature of your needs and their depth.

You will be offered an approach and an objective that will be appropriate to your needs, availability, and understanding. We ask that you digest the information before making a decision and starting your procedure. It is only after that decision will your sessions be charged each time you book an appointment. Our fees are reasonable. We bill $125.00 per session with each session booked for two hours. There are no over-run charges if your session goes over the set time as our intent is to stay with you until we are comfortable that you have benefitted from the session.

Please book your appointment on available slots below.

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