Private Counselling

Mental communication is a virtual exercise, even in the physical presence of a counsellor.

We see each other.  We connect mentally no less than with physical contact, but it is more convenient and readily accessible.


he exciting and convenient world of virtual communication has become so sophisticated that the communication and interaction we can have are as good and, at times, even better than with physical contact.  And in today’s post pandemic world, it has become a necessity.   You will find that our role will still be directed at understanding you, offering insight and direction, and transferring empathy.  Yet our effect can be lasting because the goal must perforce be that of empowering you to understand yourself, not lead you through our understanding.


his allows us to reach you and you to reach us in the convenience of home and the security of a HIPAA compliant connection.  HIPAA compliance guarantees that all your discussions within this connection remain private and inaccessible to outside sources.   These audiovisual meetings allow you a very personal way of connecting with us and allow us to guide you to see and examine yourself internally giving you the insight and encouragement you need to progressively take full control of the way you handle yourself in your unpredictable, unstable, and sometimes painful  reality.


our session will be booked for one hour. We bill $150.00 for each session. We do not hold rigidly to that time slot as sometimes, you will need a little more encouragement to reach a state of balance with your feelings. There are no over-run charges if your session goes over the set time as our intent is to stay with you until we are comfortable that you have benefitted from the session.

You can book your appointment on available slots below.

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