Manage alcohol or substance abuse with focus and calm?

that is , empower yourself, not just restrain the need?



An addiction is not a sign of failure, or weakness, badness, or illness. Rather, it is a natural affiliation for a substance or actifity that satisfies a desire to feel good or not feel bad.

There is nothing wrong with that desire. Everyone wants to feel good. No one wants to feel bad. There is only something wrong with seeking to satisfy that feeling artificially, with whatever substance or activity you have learned would or did provide it. So an alcoholic is no worse nor better than a herion addict, or w shopoholic, or sex addict, or gambler. They are pursuing the same thing, only through different means.

Therefore, before we try to remove an “old friend”, shouldn’t we first get a better way to feel good, to satisfy that human craving for comfort, acceptability, purpose, joy? And shouldn’t that replacement be one that is within our control… if only we knew how?

Logically function above anger or aggression, not just stifle their display

squabbles or violence – workplace, domestic, road rage?


Is anger or aaggression the nature of bad, cruel, or evil people?  After all, the human tendency is to punish the aggressor, isn’t it?  And the natural managementis to learn to suppress or stifle it with medical or physical restraints, isn’t it?

Yet, anger and aggression are natural and automatic response of all life forms when threatened beyond a natural ability to respond.  In the human being, our intelligence and understanding surpasses the natural physical strengths… to the level we have developed it.  Beyond that, anger and aggression are natural reactions that can be triggered more by mental limityations than be physical supremacy.  I suppose we are at the mercy of which we have chosen or been encouraged to build preferentially as the more we build the one the more we neglect the other.  Balance is not often achieved.

Thus the ideal solution is to build the mental strength to offset the reliance on the physical response.

Build Self-Esteem, not just suffer the indignity of abuse or disapproval

Insecure? Isolated? Unsure? Self doubt? Self Harm?



Every human being is born weak and fragile, toally incapable of fending for ourselves no matter what is our background or legacy.  Every human being has a right to be able and allowed to build ourselves to the level we are able to grow… mentally, intellectually, existentially.  And we need the guidance, the discipline, and the opportunity to do so.  Opportunity is sometimes taken away when we are seen to be insecure, unsure, or afraid. And we can be that way, not because of the abuse, but because we do not consider that we are able to manage independently, sometimes even when we are.

Rise above Fear, Anxiety, Insecurity, not just hide behind them?

that is , empower yourself, not just restrain the need?




Grow existentionally, not just exist passively?

that is , empower yourself, not just restrain the need?




Manage a relationship, not just be evasive or confrontational?

marital strife or disagreements, intimate friendships, work or social connections




Lead a team, manage a fasmily, with empowerment, not conflict?

adolescent challenges/ family disruption? work team management




Manage stress and burnout constructively, not just treat their presence?

Medications and vacations help the now, constructive management help the future



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