Give a man a why to live for and he will handle any how.  Viktor Frankl

Now that you have examined the machinations of the human mind, you are ready to do what was proposed in the first module – look where you can’t see. You will learn that you can see that only when the person chooses to reveal it. The good part is that every human being wants to reveal what they think. They are only hampered by the clutter of feelings and actions, and by the uncertainty that what they really have to reveal may be considered insufficient or undesirable. You must know how to help them bypass those concerns honestly and intelligently.

We will show you how to build the trust quickly so you can go about the more important work of empowering the person to expand and appreciate those resources and attitudes.  You must, however, be able to distract them from the clutter of feelings and behaviors and help them focus on the art of self-realization and self-actualization.

We will show you how to use movies, books, and essays to help them see themselves objectively, analyze their own behaviours, and have the determination, not to fix them, but to build the power to function above needing them. New behaviors will become logic driven rather than reaction-based. In other words, they will start to change an old behaviour or mood, not by fixing them directly, but by building the opposite attitude and action.

This third section can go on for a long time. But they will realize that they now have the formula. They do not need you to chart their course as they will chart it and change it as the conditions change. Your job would have been done. “Finis coronat opus – the completion crowns the work.

Discover… Recover… Expand Mental Strength