Give a man a why to live for and he will handle any how.  Viktor Frankl

This is the easiest, most satisfying, and yet the longest section. We will show you how to use movies, books, and essays to help your protégés see themselves objectively, see their own behaviours as depicted in these descriptive resources. The idea here is that it is easier to own a technique when you examine it objectively first. That removes the sensitivities that may hinder the ability to be objective.

You will begin to notice that they will see themselves in these specially chosen references. You will then be able to guide them to analyze themselves objectively and start changing first their perception of the things that challenge them, then their attitude in facing them, then their responses. These responses will become logic driven rather than reactive-based. In other words, they will start to change an old behaviour or mood, not by addressing them directly, but by building the opposite attitude.

This third section can go on for a long time. But they will realize that they now have the formula. They do not need you to chart their course as they will chart it and change it as the conditions change. Your job would have been done. “Finis coronat opus – the completion crowns the work.

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