Analyzing the source.

Our job as forerunners, managers, counsellors, or parents is to help our protégés understand themselves, the inner essence that is their personality. To do that, we must be able to look into how they see the world and their place in it, not keep them as our project or responsibility.

This allows us to give them insights that empower them to examine themselves deeper and more objectively than they may have done before. Remember, a person knows HIM/HERSELF better than anyone else can. But, with the insights we lead them to have, they will be able to examine themselves deeper and more accurately than we can ever do for them.

This first part will encourage you to place greater focus on the person as an intelligent mind with the capacity to grow regardless of their level of immaturity or misperception of the world and their place in it. This will give you greater connection with your clients than you can get focusing on present feelings or on curtailing behaviours that are really only manifestations of the insecure inner core.

Let’s face it, however, whether the client is coming out of an addiction or actively engaged in the lifestyle, that person will be emotionally unstable. It is possible that the instability or uncertainty may have caused the addiction or caused by it. Regardless, it is an essential component in the healing process and cannot be left to casual or delayed consideration. It must be understood and incorporated in the treatment process if any positive outcome is to be expected or lasting.

You must be familiar with these different reasons. Some use as an escape from the stresses of responsibility. Some use as a means of soothing themselves physically or emotionally after enduring the ravages of a stressful reality. Some use to build the determination, albeit artificial, to face the stresses of responsibility. Yet, the more they use, the more that balance is compromised and the more they need to use.  Thus, there is a need that compromises the emotional balance. While that need remains, the emotional integrity will stay compromised.

This part of the course will show you how to look for these differences, examine the connection between a need for soothing or one for boosting personal capabilities or that for escaping the challenges and the resulting effect this uncertainty brings to the integrity of the client emotionally. You will look at how to give hope to the client that your focus is not only on taking away their “best friend”, but on giving them a way to have a best friend in themselves. You will learn to how to focus on the need and thus become or be seen as a true mentor to the client.

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