Empowered Aftercare

If you want to be able to show your clients how to continue facing their challenging reality with authority and constancy, you have to be able to instill in them both hope and meaning. You can only do that if, in your own not much different reality, you can have and hold steadfast both hope and meaning. Even if you already have them, the only way you can share them with your client is if you can define your technique, not just by feelings or beliefs, but by a logic that you can use to help your clients understand and appreciate them. To do that, your method of securing these visions must be strong. You must be the captain of your own ship.

Aftercare should be a process of transferring responsibility to the client to be able to move forward with self-accountability and a sense of purpose that is empowering, exciting, and stable. It should, but often it is not.


Often clients are burdened with the responsibility of maintaining sobriety – at any cost – even eschewing certain activities and people that may “push their buttons”. This is because the addiction is seen purely as a disease, one that stays even after a long period of sobriety. We must realize, however, that though there may be a disease process, a disease does not have to be a permanent handicap. Once a fracture is healed, once an infection is treated, once a contaminated area is restored or removed, any patient is then encouraged to return to normal activities or those that are as normal as the scars will allow. Why not after an addiction?


The big difference is that, in an addiction, the disease resides in the limbic system that is over-driven and takes authority, superseding the power of intelligent decision making. So whether it happened before the addiction or as a result of the addiction, the power of intelligent decision making has been left insufficiently used or stimulated and thus dystrophic. In recovery, having learned to subdue the power of the dysfunctional limbic system, it is necessary to now focus on re-igniting the power of self and so make aftercare an opportunity to restore, rebuild, or initiate that power.

This is an invitation to use the instructions you explored in the Beyond Recovery course as a format for guiding your clients to believe in themselves and strengthen their power of thought to surpass the interference of the dysfunctional limbic system.


There is no cost for this and no learning credits.  It is offered as a tool you can use to extend your reach and increase your effectiveness assisting your clients.  When you refer a client to the website, the client logs in to the client portal and starts the course. As you did when you were doing the course, your client will need to communicate with you for explanations. There is then also no cost to the client.  Just use it freely.


If you cannot add this to your schedule, please advise your client that we are available to do online consultations. There is a small fee for this that will be billed to the client as they use the service.