Accredited Course

Beyond Recovery – Inspiring Self-Realization and Self-Actualization

in Mental Health and Addiction Rehab


The full cost of this course that you will be charged on registration is: $186.50 USD ($250.00 CAD), inclusive of all material, support, and assessments.  Though it is a self-administered, online course, you will need significant interaction with us during and at the end of each module.

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The Course

This is an on-demand, self-administered online course.  You will be taken through the steps in a simple progression and you are invited to solidify your engagement using both live webinars and real-time text interaction with us. You start anytime and are encouraged to complete each module assiduously once started. When you have completed all three modules you will be provided with a certificate of completion you can send to your governing body. Please note that completion is determined by your interaction at the end of each module – your answers, our feedback, and your comments.  Therefore, please take these three final parts seriously.

This course is not about managing your client’s illness or unhealthy behaviour. Therefore, its style is not empirical. Rather it is about going behind the illness or behaviour, reaching in and strengthening the core with an objective of awakening and empowering the client to be more self-assured and self-accountable. It does not replace your existing management style. Rather, it gives you another tool in your arsenal.


Should you, for any reason, be unable to start the course after payment, please contact us and your full tuition will be refunded. Should you choose to discontinue the course after completing one or more section, you will be awarded CE credits for that which you have completed and a proportional refund will be issued for that which you are unable to complete.

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