Prometheum Institute

A Progressive facility Dedicated to Guiding the Disenchanted

to Build Mental Fortitude, Contentment, and Determination.

as a means of emerging out of an addiction or mental health dysfunction

Prometheum Institute is an educational facility that was registered with the department of Colleges and Universities in 2004 as a teaching facility to provide guidance in life management techniques including rehabilitation from drug or alcohol abuse or dependency, and mental health dysfunction manifested as anxiety, self-doubt, anger or other intrusive behaviours.

Following the example of Prometheus the god of wisdom, we aim to inspire the fire of passion in people by showing how to live with purpose and poise in a reality of progressive and compelling change.  We use a unique program that counsels the user toward self-determination, not attachment or bonding with another person for support or direction.  Another person may be more poised only because he/she has learned to rise above the challenges, not because he/she is better equipped with natural talents.  This is an objective to which anyone can aspire.  And that is the vision and mission of Prometheum Institute.

This technique is based on the simple assertion that the mind does not mature naturally as a product of biological growth and aging.  A person cannot “know” simply because the body has reached a certain age or that he/she has inherited the genes of a successful forebear.  He/she must be stimulated with ingredients of information, discipline and encouragement, ingredients that must be considered in three distinct areas of life – the physical world, its impositions and mercurial challenges, the social world and its demands, manipulations, and unpredictable interactions, and the existential world or who we are and why we seem distinct from the other elements.  The stimulation for this understanding is neither organically derived nor financially acquired; it must be imparted through guided exploration from those ahead to those behind who then become those ahead.

We see that, when the strengths these convey are lacking, defensive or instinctual behaviors come into play and reveal an erratic or inappropriate response that seems to define impropriety in the person.  But they are only stand-ins, substitutes that back up the flailing or insufficiently energized psycho/social/spiritual values and understanding.

It is the mandate of the human being to stimulate and develop this deeper asset of mental power and acuity.  Thus, when it is not the primary attribute driving success but is replaced by other assets out of choice or necessity, instinctual responses can become the most reliable or perhaps only strength.  It is the reliance on these natural, instinctual responses as the mainstay of behavior that is revealed as improper or unhealthy behavior.  Because this is a lack rather than a damage, it is more expedient to build what is not there rather than fix what is only functioning within its design limitations.  Filling the deficit can then give a person the strength to go forward with self-determination and self-actualization, not a chronically fragile existent needing to be sheltered from the ravages of life just to survive.