Prometheum Institute

A Progressive facility Dedicated to Guiding the Disenchanted

to Build Mental Fortitude, Contentment, and Determination.

as a means of emerging out of an addiction or mental health dysfunction

Prometheum Institute is an educational facility that was registered with the department of Colleges and Universities in 2004 as a teaching facility to provide guidance in life management techniques including rehabilitation from drug or alcohol abuse or dependency, and mental health dysfunction manifested as anxiety, self-doubt, anger or other intrusive behaviours.

The Prometheum model is designed to be a different approach to both mental health and addiction management. Based on the description of Prometheus, the god of wisdom who gave fire to mankind (fire, the drive for wisdom?), it aims to give the user, our clients, the fire or drive to be the authority of your own life. The model, instead, requires you to develop a love or relationship with yourself, and shows you how to reach that. Though this may seem harsh and impersonal at first, you soon realize the great power and gratification that your own wisdom and the fire to continue building it will give you.