Prometheum Institute

We Are Here To Help!

We hope you are encouraged to explore the guidance we offer and, if already doing it, that you have enjoyed your examination of the lessons and discussions. Please always remember that the main objective is to help you build a sense of self you are proud to hold, keep, and display. The idea is to get you to not need us as quickly and efficiently as possible. So, using appointments with us should not be financially or physically overbearing. Meanwhile, do let your exploration of the contents allow you to appreciate yourself more profoundly and appreciate life more rationally.

If you have chosen to continue with your own counsellor, please discuss your questions with him/her. If, however, you wish to have a consultation with us, please request it below. Unfortunately, as we are registered as an educational facility, we are not covered by health insurance and must bill you directly. We have, however, attempted to make this both detailed and affordable.

Do understand that our main objective is to awaken and encourage you to know and stimulate yourself. Therefore, you will get more from examining the contents (even repeatedly) than from active discussions. The intent is to be self-administered with counselling only an occasional opportunity to expand your insight or clarify an interpretation.

The team at Prometheum Institute.