Prometheum Institute

The Challenge

Going Beyond Recovery

is to build mature self-realization, instill a sense of meaning and purpose that’s internally driven.

Our Call To Action

The Options

There are three stages through which we can help a person in whom a hidden mental insecurity, uncertainty, or perhaps confusion is being revealed as a mood disorder or behaviour abnormality.

The first is to recognize the immediately debilitating experience and treat, mask, or soothe the symptoms. It is what every client wants, what many providers espouse, and demands immediate attention. It requires a high level of professional training and skill to understand the variety of presentations and methods for treating them. This, however, can be a lifelong process as treatment only controls the symptoms, not the underlying reason. The only way to escape perpetual treatment is if maturity allows the natural management of the underlying cause allowing symptoms to subside naturally.

The second is to provide solutions the person can use which, though not theirs, gives relief, at least for the present. It requires dedication and compassion from the provider who must be able to bond with the client and provide guidance based on training, experence, and maturity. It cannot be a mechanical activity as each meeting requires participation in the client’s life experience as it unfolds. This process can thus be highly time-consuming and energy depleting. Its perpetual dependency on the participation of the provider can clog the system as the input rate far outstrips the discharge.


The third is to inspire the person to build the inner strength to create their own solutions. Though this seems to be an impossible task, it is actually easy because the onus of responsibility lies with the client. It is the innate responsibility of living the human existence – to get to know and pass it down, so to speak. Though it may seem to be irrelevant to the immedeiate concerns, it is most comprehensive and rewarding. It thus is the only process that is not therapy. The provider is not the healer but is the educator. It can only be accomplished by first leading the client to the realization that it is in their best interests to ‘grow up’ existentially. Then, it provides the insights to do that. It is truly satisfying and lasting because it gives the receiver the ability, not just to live, but to feel worthwhile, satisfied, capable to live independenltly. It gives what should have been imparted in the formative years but wasn’t, or wasn’t done completely.


Our Approach

The Art of Self-Healing

It is our aim to offer the third, or the ingredients to achieve the third, purely as an essential approach to living the human existence. We understand that, associated with every imposition, every trauma, is the need for insight and assurance that is the opposite of pain. Thus it can’t be offered simultaneously with rejection, imposition, or abuse. Rather than look at the pain, therefore, we focus on steering you to look for the holes, the insufficiencies or fragmented development that was your lot. Then we show you how to build on that by understanding life as an interaction of continuously changing elements and yourself as a metaphysical existent that must be stimulated, not weakened by the forces these introduce. Then we show you how to combine that knowledge to give yourself the courage and discernment to stride forward purposefully.

We recognize that, because you feel compromised, you may believe that this undertaking is difficult or even impossible. Yet, despite your limitations in confidence or structured experience, we assure you that it is essential to catch up, not to give up, and that we will show you how to do that easily and contentedly.

Thus, our aim is to guide you and empower providers to go beyond recovery and guide you to reach inside and restore or intensify what only you can see, only you can identify, and only you can heal. We do this by giving you the tools, the insight and understanding to be able to look inside, not for the stresses or traumas that were imposed, but for the guidance, encouragement, or discipline that were not provided. Then we show you how to establish your authority over yourself and elevate yourself by reaching for the experience, discipline, or assurance you did not have and applying it now. You gain not only bt knowing more, but by knowing how to know so you continue the process purposefully… independently.

Counsellors can book an online introduction to our Beyond Recovery Invitation. Just choose your time and date. You may choose more than one if you believe there may be a conflict with either.