Prometheum Institute




Thank you very much for your candid comments. I must say that I am sorry that it did not give you what you wanted or expected, at least to the level you desired. I do hope, however, that it did give you some insight into both your objectives for yourself and for your clients (seeing them as souls to be inspired rather than bodies to be healed).

With regard to the filler, you are right. The true message of the course is to call attention to the human condition as that of discovering self as a real entity (self-realization), building that as a primary goal (self-actualization) and having a well-defined purpose focused on that entity (self-determination). And failure to do this can leave us relying on unhealthy acts just trying to gain symbiosis with a perpetually changing reality. Anything beyond that is filler, and though filler is necessary, it is tough to decide which as some users will accept one set and reject another while others choose the opposite.   I have changed much of the delivery since you started.  I will accept your observations and look into some others.  Thank you for your thoughtful and candid feedback.

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