Prometheum Institute is an on-line educational facility that focuses on providing guidance on counseling others as rational beings with the capacity to think, grow, and mature into self-propelled adults.  Our technique is based on the simple assertion that the mind does not mature naturally as a product of biological growth and aging. A person cannot “know” simply because the body has reached a certain age or that he/she has inherited the genes of a successful forebear. He/she must be stimulated with ingredients of information, discipline and encouragement, ingredients that must be considered in three distinct areas of life – the physical world, its impositions and mercurial challenges, the social world and its demands, manipulations, and unpredictable interactions, and the existential world or who we are and why we seem distinct from the other elements.


We see that the stimulation for this understanding is neither organically derived nor financially acquired; it must be imparted through guided exploration from those ahead to those behind who then become those ahead.  We see that, when the strengths these convey are lacking, defensive or instinctual behaviors come into play and reveal an erratic or inappropriate response that seems to define impropriety in the person. But they are only stand-ins, substitutes that back up the flailing or insufficiently energized psycho/social/spiritual values and understanding.


You have learned to assist the emotionally or behaviourally unhealthy person. That is one part. You must also embrace a more noble responsibility. Healing the damaged system only works if the need to place too much strain on it can also be reduced – or the damage will recur.

We invite you to

Inspire and Ignite

the fire of dignity, courage and passion your clients can own and keep.

(the gift of Prometheus)

Inspire Beyond Recovery - Our Signature Course
Inspire Beyond Recovery - Our Signature Course
Beyond Recovery - Inspiring self-realization and self-actualization in Addiction and Mental Health Rehab

To date, no matter what technique is used to influence clients in their recovery, the responsibility for engaging the client is often left to the discretion of the counsellor. Without an established logical framework that allows us to engage the mind, the core of the person and so look where we can’t see, identify what we can’t measure, and heal what we can’t touch, we are often left in the dark and failing despite our best efforts.


With a logical framework, we can identify the hidden fears and insecurities that drive the need to seek the comforts afforded by processes or substances, or the emotional entanglement that evoke the animal instincts of fight, flight, fright, or frolic, and guide the client beyond recovery and toward self-driven courage, purpose, and poise.


This course promises to give you such a framework, guiding you using several PowerPoint presentations, Audiovisual presentations, reading material, and real time support and interaction as you need it, focusing on being able to

  • look where you cannot see
  • identify what you cannot measure
  • heal what you can’t touch

the mind, the soul, the essence of the person.

The Following courses will be available to counsellors who have completed the Beyond Recovery course.

Diagnosing the core issues
Diagnosing the core issues
Diagnosing the Core Issues - Core Intervention

There are three considerations that must be entertained if a realistic diagnosis is desired.


The first is to take a history of the person, not just of the needs, wants or responses they are presently displaying or are seeking help to manage.  We are healing the person, not just the behaviour, or we will achieve what one counsellor recently worried about that a person may not feel successful while others (counsellor, family) are happy with their apparent success.


The second is to show an interest in knowing the person. We have to stop being the healer and be the counsellor, being genuinely interested in actually knowing the person and believing in the reality of the soul, the core of who we are and what we should respect of ourselves… and we must be able to teach them that ability to accept themselves and believe in themselves – as thinking minds with a mandate to grow, not fragile bodies with a need to survive.


The third is to know what we are searching for when we are relating at the core level – we are looking for the holes in the development of the core, not faults or failures but insufficiency in stimulation, disciplined activity, and encouragement that are needed to both recognize and build the core.


This course will guide you to examine and diagnose that core insufficiency so you become the motivator to self-empowerment, beyond being the healer or manager of the client.  This course will become available in spring 2020 and requires the first course – Beyond Recovery in order to register.

Using Cinema as an experiential teaching tool
Using Cinema as an experiential teaching tool
Cinema as an experiential tool - Guide clients to analyze self using the canvas of cinematographic art

Cinema is a fascinating tool that offers a polished version of ‘role play’ that a counsellor can use to involve any client to better see themselves from the outside.  This allows early break-through in self-realization that can allow a faster progress in effective therapy.  One of the things we all recognize is that the greatest obstacle in getting clients started on the road to recovery is the inability to focus on building themselves as they so easily focus on the impositions from outside.  The denial and self-preservation can block the arrival of that “aha” monment.  Cinema, by its ability to portray real-life behaviours, weaknesses, and insecurities can provide a great canvas for making a sensitive issue into a technical condition that can be discussed objectively.


There are many very powerful films that are usually seen for their entertainment value that can be analyzed and used as powerful teaching tools.  The educational value must be discovered and brought to the forefront.  We will. not only use some examples that will show you how to use these films for specific conditions, but we will also show you how to look for such wonderful content in shows that will come up for you to consider in your own practice.


This can be a time consuming course as you will have to view about 12 films and discuss them in a forum with us, but it promises to delight, entertain, and stimulate you.  We are presently proffering it to our organizations for approval and expect to have it started by early spring.

Powerful Client Education
Powerful Client Education
Client Education - Giving Clients the means to full Self-Growth.

Core intervention can be a complex study but to those who have done it, they have realized that it is not complicated.  Viewing and reading the lessons will open the eyes of even the most defensive or timid person and can be easily digested when guided by someone who has done to course.  Thus, counsellors may find that they can have greater impact on some clients who also read and study some parts of the course, especially the main audiovisual lectures.  Many clients will fond it a great asset and accompaniment to counsel offered by their personal therapist.


Thus, it is offered here as an attenuated reference that clients can be encouraged to use for their own edification , for application to interactions at work, and to applying to the relationship and effective management of teens and marital relationships.


Counsellors can also use their ongoing contact with us as registered accredited users to discuss the management of a client as a complimentary service.  I have used it for the past twenty years as a foundation for the building of self-determination in my own clients.