an essential ingredient to effective recovery

Self-Actualization is a unique approach to therapy in which the focus is not on saving the person by helping make things right with medication or social intervention, but on building the person to know how to live with self-generated authority in the conditions that seem to cause emotional unrest.

Since it allows or emphasizes the building of the person, it gives the counsellor the opportunity to diagnose the insufficiency that allows  emotional unrest, inspire preparedness in the person to examine and consider the conditions rationally, and teach the person, not only that he/she has a mandate to build self, but how to reach for the resources that allow him/her to do so. Much of the therapy is educational, but one that is directed at the specific areas of insufficiency, not general education that can be heavy and too pedagogic to be able to hold the interest of the bruised and harried person.

Thus, self-actualization can be an exciting and powerful tool that any counsellor or therapist can add to their arsenal to inspire even the most emotionally unstable person or the one who has become steeped in the throes of an addiction to design their full recovery and realize the unique value and purpose of self.

Know How To Inspire Self-Actualization

Know How To Inspire Self-Actualization

Being an addictions/mental health counsellor requires more than knowledge of techniques for management of feelings or behaviour. It requires the ability to connect with the hidden, sensitive inner core of the person and guide them to build the power to manage their stresses better. This means that the counsellor must be able to impart a sense of meaning to the client to be able to go forward confidently and purposefully in a world that can be exacting in its demands, stingy in its praises.


Meaning and purpose do not come naturally. They have to be taught. By default our clients do not have these, or they may have them in fragile, superficial, or exacting forms. We need to show them how to build these, or they will easily return to old habits or live under the constant strain of resisting them.


With this course you will learn to have or develop further

  • a scientific method of reaching and engaging clients in revealing weaknesses and insecurities and discussing them without reservation
  • a focus on how to get clients to build strengths in preference to healing weakness
  • the insight to guide clients to build a sense of meaning that is logical, purposeful, and impervious to change, not just ask them to have what they do not know how to get
  • create your own templates for engaging clients that become foundations you trust and use easily
  • the desire to reach within the client’s core by using reason above technique

This course is self directed (with oral, written, and audiovisual guidance) and qualifies for 25 hours CE credits

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