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Empower Yourself.

Life is more than survival

The most effective way to confront a challenge is not to have a solution but to know how to form a solution as the need arises.

Today, life has become quite challenging and uncertain. Work, family, and personal responsibilities have taken a different path so established solutions are not as effective or practically expressed as they once were. Fighting off the impositions or just giving in to them won’t get us very far. And what may seem to be a tactical diversion with drugs, alcohol, or other pleasures can quickly take over and make us their slave. Boredom, loneliness, fear, anxiety, depression, or stress/burnout can take hold. And treating or suppressing them won’t get us back in the saddle. We need enlightenment to manage intelligently. Let’s show you how we can lead you to build that and have it as the need arises.

The Need

Even if you are not already in a mental slump or attracted to substances or activities (alcohol, soft drugs, hard drugs, gambling, sexual indiscretions) that allow you to hide from it or get spurious relief…
it is common and natural to focus on changing what you are doing or how you are doing it, even though the feelings or the fractured thinking that caused them won’t just go away.

Even if you are already or too often feeling lonely…   unappreciated…   lost…   weak… hopeless…     confused…   afraid…   irritable…   angry…   or isolated…
it is not unusual to have a desperate need for comforting. You want to snuggle in a safe place or have access to someone who can make things right, or at least better for you.

If another person’s comments, dismissal, rejection sets you off…
isn’t it natural to want to avoid them or maybe slash out at the offence, or seek an alliance with someone who can side with you or console or encourage you?

You want peace… from somewhere else or someone else.

Yet, that is not what we want to offer you. Instead, we want to offer a strategy, one that lets you take charge… of your feelings, of your sense of capability, of your insight and peace of mind. So you can feel stable and strong no matter what the impositions may be or how you once felt about you, your strengths and capabilities. We want you to do well because you feel good, not seek to do well in order to feel good.


The Strategy

We want to help you, but not by saying or doing things that make you feel that you are unable. We will show you that you are whole, not broken or fractured even though you may feel that way now.

We will show you, through logic and a thorough examination of how you think and feel, that you are whole, just not yet large enough inside (a state that will always exist). You only feel unwhole because you are sometimes overwhelmed by situations outside of your comfort zone. These may be situations that have changed secretly or covertly from the way they were before. They may be situations that are generated by hidden and invisible forces like the opinions and expectations of others, or a general uncertainty that leaves you puzzled.

We will show you how to feel whole by separating your image of yourself from the conditions outside of you that will always change. And we will do it logically so that you will accept it because you understand, not because of our assurance. We will show you that you have as much ability to function with authority over those conditions as does anyone else, and we will show you how to do that, quickly and expertly so that you get back in charge of yourself without losing stride. Even if you are highly accomplished, you will have areas where your developed abilities are insufficient to manage the conditions to the satisfaction of your own expectations or those of others whose opinions influence or impact you.

We will do it by teaching you to see yourself existentially, appreciate yourself unconditionally, and project yourself purposefully.

You must decide.  Do you want to just feel better?  Survive life? Or do you want to be strong? Embrace and conquer life?

If you want to Empower Yourself – Be the Master of Your Own Life

you must discover how to face the chaos and complexity that is life with consideration, purpose and poise no matter where the challenges arise


Our Undertaking

We have one undertaking and two ways to fulfil it. One requires your effort and desire for wellbeing. The other requires some input from us. Our desire is to make recovery and personal management an attractive, affordable, and effective experience for everyone.


Our Undertaking

Our undertaking is to share with you an exciting discovery, one that has been mused by philosophers and now proven by modern science. This is that every human being is a force of reason, a thinking mind we must build and appreciate… ourselves

Mental Strength is how you think, not how you react


Work with Our Full Guidance

True Management is that of empowering the capability of the manager, not just following structured solutions. You can build, with direction, the power within yourself to be the real manager of your own life – at work, at home, in social interactions, or alone.

Empower and project your self-assurance.

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Work with Your Own Counsellor

 You may have your own counsellor or physician who is willing to work with you using the insights and techniques disclosed in the private pages of this website. You can study the contents here and discuss your interpretations with your counsellor.

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About Us

We are a research facility exploring the human mind and how we function as intelligent life forces in today’s climate of extreme change and instability. We have researched a vast range of disciplines – science, medicine, philosophy, sociology, theology, and psychology – to reach a sound understanding of life and our role as a unique existence with the power to think, create complex solutions, and apply ourselves with intelligence and logic. We see that every human has the potential to discover and develop that power.


Prometheum Institute

Prometheus was the Greek god of wisdom. He stole fire from the heavens and taught man to use it. Fire – the passion to want, to reach, to lead.

since 2004

Prometheum Institute is an educational facility that is registered with the department of Colleges and Universities in 2004 as a teaching facility to provide guidance in life management techniques including rehabilitation from drug or alcohol abuse or dependency, and mental health dysfunction manifested as anxiety, self-doubt, anger or other intrusive behaviours.