is this your life?

suffocated by


Drugs or Medications?

Gambling and Partying?

Anger and Aggression?

Fear and Helplessness?

Feeling Lost, Lonely?

Conflict and Disharmony?

do you want to change it?

without being

Handcuffed to self-restraint

locked into support groups?

Then, explore the most empowering program in Canada.


We are not a rehabilitation facility that aims to take you BACK to where you were. We are an inspirational facility that aims to take you FORWARD to where you belong.

Therefore, it really does not matter what you are addicted to, what is your habit, or what is your weakness.

You must know that an addiction, habit, or weakness lies within you, not in the way you display it. YOU are addicted or weak and you show it in the way you use alcohol or drugs, gambling, anger, fear.


In other words, the object is not your undoing.  Your undoing uses the object.  And you use it with the desperation driven by the  pain, confusion, desires you have within.

Therefore, we do not just remove or have you abstain from the object of your addiction, leaving the weakness or addictive needs unchecked.  Instead, we help you manage the addictive needs or weakness. YOU stop the activity or reduce it because you no longer need it, or you no longer use it to the level of an addiction or weakness.


This is our unique difference, and it is the credit of both the effectiveness of our work and the speed of reaching our objective.