help your clients build or rebuild mental strength so they can make their journey

a process of self-empowerment and self-actualization, not just of survival.

Mental Strength (existential strength) is the most powerful and most essential aspect of the human condition.

Without it, anyone can drift into complacency, existing passively without passion or personality.  When it is weak or inconsistent, anyone can fail or go through great lengths trying to soothe, hide, prevent, or endure failure.

When it is free and capable, anyone can master anything, rise above any challenge – independently, purposefully, positively.

As a caregiver, you can easily empower mental strength in people who need it.

you need only to help them focus on acquiring the strength,

not fixing or removing the weakness.

This course will engage you in the exciting ability to stimulate or energize people to higher self-realization and thus more responsible self-management, regardless of physical age, level of function, or degree of dysfunction of their physiological attributes. It will not only empower you to better inspire and assist your clients to living a more rounded and productive life, but also give you insights and techniques that will make your job more purposeful and satisfying.

It is designed with respect for your knowledge and training in the management or restoration of the unhealthy or diseased state and will not include that as part of the discussions. It will, instead, guide you to look deeper into the conscious state as one that either was immature before the addiction or was stagnated in immaturity as a result of the addiction. We believe it has to also be addressed purposefully and intelligently.

It will introduce you to the idea that reliance on physiological attributes and their subsequent dysfunction reveal not only the disorder that must be treated or overcome but also an insufficient mental maturation that must be redirected and refocused.

This course will guide you to purposefully and intelligently address the mental disequilibrium of your client as an immature state either causing or resulting from the addiction, guiding them to elevate it in order to achieve sustained recovery.

Examine the requirements, objectives and delivery for this course.