is better achieved by learning to MASTER your life

than by healing an illness, restraining a behaviour, or applying a master plan.

Even if you can manage by healing an illness with medication or by changing a behaviour with therapy or self-restraint, you can be still left feeling raw, uncertain, or empty inside.

Mastering your life lets you conduct yourself positively because you feel better – about who you are, why you are, and how to get there –

positively, purposefully, and confidently.

To be master of your life is not to follow a straight path,

not to always do the right thing or appear to do it,

not to just be free and unfettered or safe and protected.

To be master IS to feel comfortable in whatever circumstances you encounter,

without having to prove yourself,

being creative and flexible, kind and forgiving

because you believe in you.

At Prometheum Institute, you will find, not just support or empathy.  Nor will you find controlled abstinence.  What you will find is a different approach that really works.

Instead of US working to manage your mood or behaviour so you can feel better (hopefully), we work on showing you how to feel better so YOU can manage your mood or behaviour- for yourself, by yourself.

We do this by showing you how to see that…

The human mind is an incredible force.

When strong, it can lead to great success, accomplishment, creativity and influence.

Because life will always challenge you again even when you have stopped the foolish or unhealthy habits, you are always vulnerable to fall again… unless you FIRST learn to be MASTER of your life – intelligently and confidently.

It can feel weakened, not because you are ill or foolish, but because you are exposed to challenges beyond developed understanding.  Then, rational function is compromised and you do things that may appear foolish or unhealthy, just to survive!.


We teach you to stimulate yourself to function competently and productively as a primary goal by learning how to reach in and secure your mental potential or power.   You have it; you have built it; but you can allow it to become deflated by the ways you have used it.  We will work with you to restore and empower that quality.

So, give yourself the discernment to be able to prime your personal strengths from within and so be more confident and capable facing the forces that challenge you, and…

  • be better poised to move forward, not just stay away from trouble.
  • confidently rise on top of a situation that once caused you distress or distraction
  • manage a relationship at home or work
  • continue your journey of recovery, not just from an addiction but to a more meaningful life

First, let’s see that you really need to…

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