and definitely not the shallow pursuits


or other more tenacious habits

that destroy you while giving only short-term relief

but, even if it already has…

you can still get your life back

let us guide you there

All counsellors who are associated with our facility will help you to consider, examine, and apply some powerful ideas that are primarily designed to help you see life differently, more purposefully, more confidently… no matter how challenging or harsh it may seem.

Your sense of purpose will come from within.  It will be one that is energized by a firm and consistent belief in the power of self


you will free yourself, not just to remove an affliction, but to reach for your greatest potential, grasp life as the intelligent mind with the innate ability to grow, be the best you can be.


This was the act of Prometheus.  This is what we ignite within you – the fire, the passion to have consistent self-realization, self-assurance, and self-determination..

let us share that fire with you!