Manage Your Life with Passion, Purpose, and Poise

You may want to reach higher, be more assertve and confident, or lead a team to be more focused…

Or, you may feel locked… in

An Addiction or Self-Destructive Lifestyle you want to overcome and discard

A Criminal Past you want to leave behind and move forward

An Existential Rut, Emotional Pain, Insecurity, or Instability you want to heal permanently

Feelings of uncontrolled Anger, Rage, or Resentment you want to change

An Unhealthy Relationship, Family Division, or Social Insecurity you want to rise above

A state of shyness, complacency, or mindlessness

And you are ready to wake up and live

A powerful strategy is much more readily available than you may think.  And it is not to control your reality, secure your health, or get solace and comfort,

It is to focus on building your most powerful asset of Mental Strength rather than protecting or projecting your physical, social, or financial attributes as the primary source of your identity.


Many people feel that, when they have one of these needs, it is either impossible to correct or, when possible, correction is time-consumming or expensive to obtain.  In this website, we want to prove those fears wrong.  It focusses, not on correction, but on building the strengths that make these manoeuvres unnecessary or obsolete.  They go away because you get stronger.  It is like filling the cup in order to remove the emptiness, not the other way around.  Here, you will be given precise information, logical deductions, a definition of purpose, and a way to take the ball and run with it

by yourself… for yourself, with yourself.

As you examine them, you will find that they are actually neither complex nor complicated.

First, a little about you…

Lower life forms have two real reasons for living. One is to get food. The other is to not be food. And when those are satisfied, they will play, rest and sleep.  The human being seems to have a higher purpose. It is one of creativity, reason, and spirituality that feed and give value to our being.  It is our mental strength.

Mental strength gives us a higher purpose. It is the only faculty we are required to recognize and develop.  All others function automatically from birth.  If we do not develop it or if we do so insufficiently, our ability to function at the higher level we are required to reach can be erratic at the best of times or to fail when we need it most.  Then, like the lower life forms, our purpose may revert to the simple state of living, or just surviving.   We do have a choice, however. We can rise to that higher purpose and define a value system that focuses on building or polishing our mental strength.  Then, our aim is transferred to being the best we can be.

Using these lessons, you can easily choose to be the master of your life, reach to the higher state of creativity, reason, and spirituality so you do because you believe in you, not simply seek to believe in you or have others believe in you for what you have done.  Reach for it if you have neglected it.  Explore it if you just were not given the tools to recognize and respect it.  Expand it if, having started, you need some strategies to energize you on your journey.

…And your needs

It is quite common for anyone to believe that, when we feel mentally weakened, challenged, or distressed, it is because something is amiss within, that our condition is the result of an illness or has caused one. This may be so in a small minority of cases.

The truth, and the most common reason that we fall into an emotional or behavioural rut, is that, because mental strength is generated by the power of self-worth, if it is lacking, or if it is fragile, weak, or unstable, it becomes natural for us to operate with mental weakness. Then, we may become dependent on the defensive reactions that can cause us to show social insecurity, performance anxiety, or inappropriate, irresponsible, and foolhardy behaviour, and possibly dependent on prescription or designer drugs to experience an artificial display of strength or a fleeting period of relief.

If we can have a strong, stable self-worth, however, a power that must come from within, nothing can make us feel weak.  Even difficult or totally unknown conditions can either be managed, or examined and then managed.

A poor, weak, or fragile self-worth results when a person was not taught how to define and appreciate self, or if what they were taught to define as self was based on fragile, vulnerable attributes such as, physical strength and stamina, body image, money or possessions, and social ranking or connections.  In other words, self-worth is a state that must be rationally defined, prudently taught and purposefully discovered.

Let’s face it, if you show mental weakness or if you respond inappropriately to wehat may seem to be your natural life challenges, the usual response is to save you from the stresses that exacerbate your weakness, or treat your despair with chemicals that help suppress your hurt feelings or inappropriate responses.  The least ready option is to know how to guide you to scientifically discover the true you, define yourself by that existence, know how to build it, and know how to use the challenges of your social, material, and biological realities to challenge and stimulate that real existence that defines and identifies you.

Are you ready to learn to do this?

You gave me hope when hope was gone. That gave ME strength to carry on.

Victor Hugo (paraphrased from Les Miserables)