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Our Invitation

Empower Yourself.

Life is more than survival

When you feel broken or overwhelmed by life, it does not mean that you are sick, disabled, or foolish. It just means that what you know, at that time or in those conditions, is just not enough for what you have to face. You get behind, not because you have lost intelligence, but because life’s challenges are growing faster that your ability to deal with them. You, therefore, only need to build you, not treat your feelings or wait for conditions to be better.

The Need

Do you feel lonely…   unappreciated…   lost…   weak… hopeless…     confused…   afraid…   irritable…   angry…   or isolated?
  Sometimes?   Too often?   Too easily?

Can another person’s comments, dismissal, rejection set you off?
  Too often?   Too easily?

Do you find yourself seeking release through alcohol, soft drugs, even hard drugs, gambling, sexual indiscretions?
  Without caring? or
  To escape to some temporary or artificial sense of peace?


The fix

To fix anything, we must first diagnose what is wrong and what is needed. The mind cannot be broken.  So it does not need to be fixed. Instead, the mind is something we have to build as life’s demands challenge us. It is when we do not build it enough that we can feel overwhelmed when the demands of life become too much, too volatile, or too uncertain.

Everyone has the mandate to build themselves. You fail only when you are challenged beyond what you understand. And since these challenges are progressive and volatile, you need to always be on the ball.

It means that, if you have reached a state when you are already feeling hopeless, sad, lonely, irritable, unsure, or hooked on the substances or activities that have given you trivial respite, you are not bad, or foolish, or sick. You are simply functioning with an insufficiency in one or many areas of experience, a condition that is easy to fix and keep strong. This may seem a tough task, but isn’t it wiser and more logical to strengthen the structure rather than repeatedly shore it up when it seems exhausted?

You must decide.  Do you want to just feel better?  Survive life?

Or do you want to be strong? Embrace and conquer life?

If you want to Empower Yourself – Be the Master of Your Own Life

you must discover how to face the chaos and complexity that is life with independently driven passion, purpose and poise


A short chat.

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Our Undertaking

We have two deliveries. One requires more of your work. The other requires more of ours.


The Mission

Our mission is to build you, not treat or support you. We see that relief through external forces is predictably transient. Relief from personal strength may seem harder but it sustains for longer periods and more readily generated.

Explore out method and techniques

General meetings

1. Self-Guidance

True Management is that of empowering the capability of the manager, not just following structured solutions. You can build, with direction, the power within yourself to be the real manager of your own life – at work, at home, in social interactions, or alone.

Empower and project your self-assurance.

Private meeting

2. Professional Guidance

We will guide you to be the master of your own life, help you to energize yourself to face the chaos and complexity that is life with independently driven passion, purpose and poise. We will assist you when you feel weak and encourage you when you are ready.

Let us help you get started.


About Us

We are a research facility exploring the human mind and how we function as intelligent life forces in today’s climate of extreme change and instability. We have researched a vast range of disciplines – science, medicine, philosophy, sociology, theology, and psychology – to reach a sound understanding of life and our role as a unique existence with the power to think, create complex solutions, and apply ourselves with intelligence and logic. We see that every human has the potential to discover and develop that power.


Prometheum Institute

Prometheus was the Greek god of wisdom. He stole fire from the heavens and taught man to use it. Fire – the passion to want, to reach, to lead.

since 2004

Prometheum Institute is an educational facility that is registered with the department of Colleges and Universities in 2004 as a teaching facility to provide guidance in life management techniques including rehabilitation from drug or alcohol abuse or dependency, and mental health dysfunction manifested as anxiety, self-doubt, anger or other intrusive behaviours.