The direction we will take you is uncommon and unfamiliar at the start.

As a mental health care provider, you have chosen a unique and noble profession.  It is one that is fraught with uncertainties and invisible challenges.  These can overwhelm you or make your day exciting and hopeful.  We would like to expound the latter.

You may believe that you are simply helping your client manage a habit or heal a disorder or diseased state.  You are, however, also delving into the depths of the most sensitive, most precious area of human existence as you guide, train, or assist that person to manage differently.  This necessary interaction delves into that aspect of the human being that is closely associated with the whole identity – the human psyche.  It is important, therefore, for you to understand that area where you are going and to go there with confidence and discernment.

At Prometheum Institute, we see unhealthy behaviors and moods as natural, primitive instincts that are ordinarily part of human experience. They are the seed capital from which we are required to emerge with the evolved power of mental strength and acuity, which is and should be our ultimate goal.  Their persistence, therefore, reveals not only the disorder that must be overcome but also an insufficient mental maturation that also must be redirected and refocused.

We hope to engage you in the exciting ability to stimulate or energize people to higher self-realization and thus more responsible self-management, regardless of physical age, level of function, or degree of damage. We intend to lead you to do this by learning how to encourage the acquisition of what had been lacking in the formative years or was not expanded in later years.


This is an additional path we are inviting you to explore.  As was pointed out in “The Merchant of Venice” one cannot cut a pound of flesh without also drawing blood.  One does not exist independent of the other.  May I invite you to add to your  repertoire and consider in your work this pertinent factor that does affect and is affected by the manifestation of the disorder?


For the purposes of the course, all pertinent material is gathered within the course details page so you can stay there and still have all the content you need for your CE.  We will focus only on the mental health empowerment as a means of emancipating the client to be self-actualized.  It does not interfere with your established treatment approaches.  We hope it expands it.


After you are done you can still return to the site and use whatever resources you need to make your job easier or more effective.   You are allowed both to use and copy any information you wish. You are also allowed to create your own interpretations from material collected here and present them to your own community without necessarily requesting permission.

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