to leave the past and embrace the future

with progressive Clarity, Purpose, and Poise

The hardest part of recovery is what happens after they leave your care!

Let us show you how we can help them and help you help them

build, rebuild, or strengthen that belief in themselves to go forward with self-generated and progressive

courage… confidence… and a firm sense of purpose.

the human being is not just a sophisticated animal with greater instincts.  We think!

Everyone, no matter where they are from, or what is their education…

can create logical actions based on more than reactive observations.

A Person’s real strength is in their capacity to think, not remember or be conditioned.

Our best gift to them is to help them cultivate and rely on that capacity.

Counselors are highly trained professionals. With effort and dedication, you do a great job. But like any parent, you must be able to empower your charges to go forward without you.

Can we help you with this demanding and often frustrating part of your work?

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