to help youth who are attracted to marijuana or other drugs or lost to their use to refocus on personal growth and existential development.

Our goal is to steer them into being capable adults with discernment, purpose and poise.

The natural tendency is to make their life uncomplicated, give support when they reveal fears and weakness, stop the unhealthy activity even punitively, or remove them or them from the bad influences.

But, like a plant that can use the wind, the rain, the burning sun, and the manure as food to create wonderful fruit instead of succumbing to their invasion, we need to show our youth how to function in a tough reality embracing its impositions as food for personal growth, not avoiding or resisting them as impediments to their survival.

We believe that the process of youth is to learn to be independent and forthright adults, not just wait to become one.


ou may feel your youth is not ready. That is okay. Readiness is not natural; it has to be inspired.  It is our job as frontrunners, the adults in their world, to help them become ready, not just in academics, not in income, but in self-reliance and self-determination.

At our facility we specialize in motivating and empowering your youth, in areas beyond where you were able to reach or impart, to see and believe in the power within themselves, develop it, and rise above their challenges cheerfully and self-assuredly.

We want youth who may already be lost in drug use, ensconced in the presumed safety of social media or computer gaming, or already using aggression, defiance, or manipulation to make their reality less demanding.

We will guide your youth to see the essence within themselves, respect it, and build it to its full potential

so that they choose the more positive path

and do because they want to face life with courage and determination, not run to more pleasant experiences because life is too demanding or seemingly unrewarding.

Teach your youth to embrace life and move forward with confidence and a full sense of purpose.