It is the reach for a purposeful, stable, and productive life

through self-realization and self-actualization

As an addictions or mental health counsellor, you have a serious responsibility.

• It is not that of just guiding the client to resist the urge to use.
• It is not that of just being there to offer encouragement so the client can avoid or abstain from using.
• It is not just that of treating the disease process that fosters clinging to the addiction.

Rather it is being the point of contact that can allow you to reinforce the courage and belief in self so that they can…

go forward with dignity, self-respect and self-determination in a world that is exacting in its demands and stingy in its praises.

Let us show you how to offer that reinforcement and help you take your clients…

BEYOND RECOVERY – Inspire Self-Realization and Self-Actualization in Addiction and Mental Health Rehab.


“Ah! But a man’s reach must exceed his grasp, Or what’s a heaven for?” Robert Browning – Andrea Del Sarto


This course has been approved for 25 hours CE credits by the following organizations:

Keep your certification alive with well-earned credits.  And get the perspective to really enjoy your job and make a great impact on your clients.

You may do the course anytime you are ready and will be grandfathered to receive your certificate of participation whenever you are ready to submit it or when your organization provides accreditation.

Registration Requirements

Invited participants:  addiction counsellors, mental health professionals, caregivers at any level of training or function.

Fees. The cost of the fully accredited course is $250.00 CAD (HST included).    This covers all the exercises, interactive communications, personalized feedback on your assessments, and flexible interaction through webinars and private communications to make your experience positive, powerful, and meaningful.

Expectations: This course is a comprehensive study. It does not offer a different way of managing the client.  You already know how to do that.  Rather, it takes you behind the scenes, to the core of the person. The objective is to build a psycho-socio-spiritual strength, a belief in self that is realistic – by understanding what they rely on, what they need (where the holes are in even the most accomplished person), and how to guide them to fill (not cover) those holes with a deeper understanding, perspicacity, and vision.


Though self-administered, it is a structured course. Please arrange study time with your agency. Expect to spend about 20-30 hours on the material. Your logged in status is monitored at the back end and you will be given a summary on completion.

Course Content

This course promises to be a provocative and captivating experience. You will learn that unhealthy behaviours are the result of operating in areas of darkness that can evoke the negative feelings and force us to rely on instinctual or neurophysiological systems rather than manage intelligently and composedly.  That places a strain on these physical systems and can make them malfunction. It is a darkness we all have, however, though to different degrees. Learn that it is  inherent to the human experience. We all are born in it.  Yet, we do not all get the opportunities, discipline, or encouragement to be able to bring light to that darkness.  Your chosen career is your mandate to offer these opportunities to those who are somehow lost in that darkness.

The content is offered as three modules.

Module 1. The Analysis  LOOK WHERE YOU CAN’T SEE
The fears and capabilities of any person are locked within their psyche. No matter how they are displayed as unhealthy behaviours or unstable moods, you still do not know what is going on within the person until that person chooses to reveal them to you. The ability to get the person to let you into their inner sanctum is both a skill and trust. We will explore how to get them.

Knowing the fears of your client means knowing fears, how they are generated, what evokes them, and how they are affected by the person’s depth of understanding. You have to be able to measure that, but not with a physical instrument. You need the instrument of a great depth of understanding and perspicacity

Module 3. Guiding the Application HEAL WHAT YOU CAN’T TOUCH
You are treating the mind, not only stifling the behaviour. You cannot touch it and no medication can. Chemicals can disconnect it and that is what you are working with. The only person who can touch it is the person him/herself. Therefore, you have to know how to guide the person to heal him/herself.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives of this course are

  • To feel competent working with the intelligence of the client and bolstering it through logical guidance and realistic engagement so they develop and expand a powerful self-realization and self-actualization
  • To be comfortable seeing each client primarily as a capable human intelligence whose main purpose is to be aroused and expanded. Until then, the behavior or attitude may reflect reckless projections rather than than mindful or composed ones.
  • To be able to steadfastly recognize and accept that our job is to help each client discover that purpose (self realization), leading them to have and use more intelligent options (self actualization) and thus less inclined to rely on behaviors that once buffered and/or stagnated any level of deficiency in these areas.

This course will take you on a unique and serious journey to creative counselling that is both stimulating and positive.  Explore it. And, like Prometheus who stole fire from the heavens and taught man to use it, let us steal the fire of passion and guide you to ignite and engage it in others. Examine the details here.

Discover… Recover… Expand Mental Strength