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To Go Beyond Recovery from a drug or alcohol dependency and the mood disorders associated with it, by…

inspiring a realistic state of meaning and purpose in your life

When working from the outside in does not reach the objective, let’s try working from the inside out.

It is as fanciful to believe that one will build self simply by being clean as it is to believe that a room will fill with light if one can remove the darkness.

The path to Meaning


What do you do after a lifestyle where superficial pleasures, the contrived shelter of drugs and alcohol, frequent irritability, justified anger, subterfuge, or feelings of despair, loneliness, self-loathing, uncertainty, anxiety have dominated the way you manage or function?

You go for help, right? After all, you have failed to manage yourself and have gone into desrepair. Counselling or psychotherapy helps you to function because a professional gives you guidance you failed to give yourself. Then you can possibly take the ball and run with it, right? What if the advice you get does not allow you to deal with conditions that challenge you in your reality? Do you relapse? Do you go back to your counsellor for another fix? How often can you depend on that person’s advice, especially when you discuss stable conditions but you now have to face rough, tough, and unpredictable conditions? How can yesterday’s solutions apply to the new feelings, the new demands of others that you do not know how to figure out yourself?

You are still an independently driven human being. Helping you through a storm does not naturally allow you to navigate the open sea. You still have to be able to live forward – independently, competently. And you have only one life. You never choose the conditions. You can only choose how you face them. At some point you must realize that it is possible to understand life and your role in it – exactly as it has been unfolding before you.


It is possible for you to create your solutions when you need them, appropriate to the situation, not just one remembered and applied. Then you do not have to hide from life or protect yourself by fighting off the intrusions. You see, underneath it all, it is you – not being wrong – but not knowing better how to have a strong and secure sense of identity, purpose, contentment, and authority especially in conditions where life seems to not stay still long enough for you to get a bead on it. We all have to learn to deal with the things, people, and health that we have been offered, that we must face. So, beyond recovery from the state of bad feelings and bad actions, seek to build a power within you that is yours. Let us give you some insights and techniques that will get you there… from wherever you are at this time.


The establishment of purpose

Building Self-Assurance

The Prometheum model is designed to be an extension, not a replacement of the help and direction your counsellor has given you. However, it takes you beyond recovery, to look within yourself and identify the core, the who-you-are that was insufficiently developed or established. That core is the strength that allows you to function as a competent human being. Though everyone will have areas of competence where management is easy, everyone will also have areas of uncertainty and insecurity. And, in a dynamic world, these areas will visit anyone – the rich as the poor, the wise as the naïve , the saint as the sinner. Thus, the surest way to move forward into the vast unknown that is life is to not just survive by filling the holes with borrowed techniques, but to be able to create solutions yourself when the need arises.

It can be done in parallel with your counsellor’s work with you or as a continuation beyond recovery you do independently. It leads you to take the reins with a realistic knowledge and belief in yourself. Your counsellor may also guide you as you use the resources and instruction offered in this website just as with other resources you have used. Here, however, the focus is different. We do not focus on the impositions or stresses that seemed unfair or fix the reactions that seem destructive. Instead, we teach you how to look at life as perpetually changing interaction of elements. That is, inconstancy and new or evolviong conditions are the norm, not something you can ever avoid or prevent. It teaches you to see yourself as an existential force of reason designed to be stimulated by the inconstancy and stresses it brings. This may seem difficult and impersonal at first, but life is only difficult when you do not understand it. By knowing how to understand it in its complexity, you soon realize the contentment and power your own wisdom and the desire to continue expanding it will give you.


Go Beyond Recovery

discover how to face the chaos and complexity that is life with independently driven passion, purpose and poise

General meetings

Beyond Recovery for Counsellors

Go Beyond Recovery and build meaning and piurpose in your clients. Meaning and purpose do not come naturally. They have to be taught. By default our clients do not have these, or they may have them in fragile, superficial, or exacting forms.

Useful for counsellors wanting to expand their reach

General meetings

The Challenge

The Art of going Beyond Recovery is to build you to mature self-realization, not stop at fixing a mood or behaviour. Fixing a mood or behaviour can leave you with the flaws that generated them, and still vulnerable to the same or similar stresses.

Look at how we take you Beyond Recovery.

Private meeting

Strength Beyond Survival

Use our platform to get a new program or augment your existing one. Whichever it is, it will give you a new perspective on life, responsibility and recovery so you learn to deal with life on its terms, not seek to find the life that will accept you on yours.

Useful for clients wanting purpose beyond survival


About Us

The principals are two people who are highly trained, experiened, and dedicated.  We have researched this technique in depth through a vast range of disciplines – science, medicine, philosophy, sociology, theology, and psychology – to reach a sound understanding of life and our role learning to live within it and rise above its challenges.


Prometheum Institute

Prometheus, the god of wisdom. He stole fire from the heavens and taught man to use it. Fire – the passion to know, to be, to live.

since 2004

Prometheum Institute is an educational facility that was registered with the department of Colleges and Universities in 2004 as a teaching facility to provide guidance in life management techniques including rehabilitation from drug or alcohol abuse or dependency, and mental health dysfunction manifested as anxiety, self-doubt, anger or other intrusive behaviours.
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