Mental health is not a natural state you have or do not have.  Nor is it something you treat or get someone else to give to you.  You achieve Mental Health. Life challenges it, but only to give you the opportunity to make it stronger, not to weaken you.  YOU get on top of your life, not by  being saved from your stresses or being soothed away from them, but by enlightening and inspiring youself to build your mental strength to be greater than your stresses.  Then you can enjoy life even in the midst of strife, turmoil, or uncertainty.

Our aim is to show you how to build your mental strength.  We choose to help you get strong rather than support, soothe, or coddle you in your weakness because we believe that life is here for us to realize the beauty of self, not exist as sophisticated fungi fated just to survive within a biological ecosystem.   You can, everybody can  build mental strength and are required to do so. However, we all have to be shown how to do that.  Some people are shown, and they get it.  Some don’t get it or are not shown and are forever behind the eight ball in life.  We aim to give anyone who wants it the means to catch up, and…

  • be the powerful force of reason and knowledge you are designed to be,
  • manage life as the naturally complex and turbulent state of energy that is designed to awaken and build that force within us, not destroy or stifle it
  • distinguish and empower yourself even in states of oppression, uncertainty, turmoil, and blah.

…so you can have a sense of pride in your presence, assurance in your contribution, and ability to go forward with dignity, purpose and poise… all from your own steam, not that of someone else who can only save you from life, not manage it for you.

No matter if you are already burdened under or hooked on…

(prescription or designer) drugs …


senseless partying, gambing, superficial living

anger or aggression

marital discord, peer rejection, loneliness…

burnout, depression, uncertainty, anxiety…

…as you strive to avoid, suppress, or survive your life-stresses that have plagued or befuddled you.  Know that it is still possible and essential for you to rise out of the hole of despair and take your place as the intelligent, purposeful, and creative mind-force you are meant to be.

The Resolution

First you must be taught how to examine and understand why you feel mentally compromised or emotionally unsettled.  This is not a disease or disorder though it can seem to be so in extreme cases.  It is really the imbalance between what is impacting you at that moment and how well you can intelligently manage it.  Second, recognize that the real objective is to work on building the insight so you can see the stresses as manageable… because you have the intelligence to know better and feel stronger, and do because you are capable, not passively seek to be challenged by what you can do or avoid what you can’t.

I know it may sound cruel and heartless – to push you to build you when what you feel is that you are unfairly violated.  I am not saying that you are weak.  I am saying that life has a habit of overpowering even the most capable person with new or changed conditions – allegiances, expectations, impositions, instabilities – causing you to feel trampled if you can’t rise to the challenge, especially to the satisfaction of the value systems you hold dear or important.

Right now you may be too busy beating on yourself for your failures, or looking for compassion or assistance.  Yet here I am telling you that you can look at that tattered, torn self and reinflate it with insight – into yourself and into your world.  It may not seem useful now, but it is the best medicine you can have.  Let us show you how you can get it.

You will need this, not just to succeed in life, but to be better able to inspire others (children, lovers, clients, co-workers) to realize and build their own mental strength so they too can go forward with dignity, not just the desire to succeed or survive on yours.

The responsibility is on each of us to rise to the life challenges we face. It is not the responsibility of God, society, the doctor, or anyone in the position of leadership. We each start at the same level. What each one has, we must build it ourselves. Others can only guide us to get those resources ourselves.

If Your Life Seems Blurry

This strategy offered by Prometheum Institute is one on life management through enlightenment.  It is not therapy.  Its aim is to help you to see yourself and your life-challenges with greater clarity through information and logic so YOU manage better, not settle for a simple existence under care and supervision.

Albert Einstein is reputed to have said that “Human endeavour might be described as an attempt to replace ignorance with knowledge.”  This is an invitation to manage mental health with human endeavour.