Low Self-Esteem is something no one wants; yet it is something that, if you have it, you do not want to reveal it to anyone.

You see, Low Self-Esteem means that you feel devalued, uncertain, or empty in the way you see yourself or believe you are seen by others.  Why then, must you show your emptiness? Reveal that you are not worth their attention, except for their sympathy?  It is so much easier to excuse it on an event, the actions of another person, or a fleeting illness.

The problem with low Self-Esteem is that it has not been identified within any measurable anatomical or biochemical process.  So, we don’t know how to treat it as an illness, restore it with a medicine, or secure it with an ideal job, a romantic partner, or a serene milieu.

So, when your self-esteem is low, when it has been trampled, or when it feels totally empty, you need help to build it back.

You get help from YOU.  Yes, you! You are the only one you can trust.  You are the only one who knows that, though you feel empty and low, though the way you feel makes you show yourself as weak or foolish, or inept, you are worth more than that.

But seeking help can be frightening.  And if you get help, it is difficult for you to know how to trust the person to whom you are revealing your hidden, inner feelings.  You also know that medicines can just hide the feelings that remain deep within you.  You want help, but where do you get it?

So how do you help yourself when the helper seems as weak as the receiver?  The physician is more ill than the patient?

It is easy and possible.  But not by blind reassurances or mantras of self-praise.  You just have to be willing to do two simple exercises.  The first will allow you to find out a little more about the process of mental function.  No you do not have to learn to be a psychologist.  You see, mental function is the essence of the human being.  You think.  That is what makes you human.  Other animals react with instinct.  Some have sophisticated instincts while others have simple, almost linear instincts.  But you think.  That is a quality that you are born with, but it is one that you must nurture and expand.

The second challenge is to know about the foundations of your physical environment.  And you do not have to be a physicist.  We will enlighten you on it in simple arguments.  Then, you learn to put these two together, see yourself as separate from the world and know how to build yourself from your exploration of it.  Does this sound difficult?  It is not.  It may challenge your thinking.  But is that not what we want to do?

Let us first discover a little more about you.