We are Behaviour Rehabilitation Specialists

We will assist you by

  • helping you to analyze the reasons for your inappropriate behaviour
  • providing you with the guidance for you to determine why you did not have the consistency to manage more appropriately
  • leading you to build self-realization so you can expand your capacity and understanding to more readily display appropriate behaviour
  • giving you encouragement to develop that understanding and capability
  • observing and correcting how you apply your new insights especially under stress

Then we allow you to proceed independently with self-generated assurance, purpose, and sensitivity.

We will provide professional supportive recommendations to parents, spouses, employers, or court showing how you have demonstrated both insight and commitment and why you will not be inclined to return to old habits or behaviours moving forward.

What are the unhealthy habits and harmful behaviours we can help you reverse?

  • Alcohol abuse, dependency and addiction
  • Cocaine abuse, dependency and addiction
  • Cannabis abuse, dependency and addiction
  • Criminal or invasive act
  • Marital strife or infidelity
  • domestic abuse accusation or charges
  • Impaired driving with legal consequences
  • Anger and hostility
  • Adolescent rebellion and defiance
  • Social network abuse and dependency
  • Sexual indiscretion
  • Social withdrawal
  • Impulsive or aggressive behaviour
  • Apathy, phobia and anxiety
  • Road rage or propensity to violence

Look at any of the above behaviours or habits.  They follow the fight, flight, fright, frolic responses of all living creatures.

If you look into them, you will see that none of them are intelligent or sophisticated responses.  They are reactive behaviours.  They are natural distractions to give occasional respte when the rigors of life exhausts the more sophisticated or intelligent responses.

Therefore, the problem with your behaviour is not its existence (a natural immediate reaction), but your tendency to resort to it as your primary response because your more sophisticated capacity is under-developed or inaccessible.  That can lead to a highly exposed, frequently used, and deeply involved reliance on reactive responses.

Therefore, it is the insufficiency, inaccessibility, or fragility of intellectual power wherein the problem lies.  This is not a condition to be fixed.  Rather it is a process that must be energized purposefully through a renewed focus on analysis, guidance, self-realization, encouragement, and purposeful application of that important attribute of human identity.

Now have a look at how we will work with you.

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