OVERCOME feelings of burnout, anxiety, uncertainty, social inequity, inadequacy, identity confusion, fear, uncontrolled anger, sadness, or despair, and find your place with confidence in today’s tough and demanding world.

RECHARGE a dying relationship, know how to build a satisfying one, or  keep those you have even as they introduce new challenges and alter old ones.

PERMANENTLY LEAVE  a dependency on drugs, alcohol, gambling, social compliance, performance excess, internet gaming, or MATURELY MANAGE your use by building a mental strength that allows you to see life as an opportunity to build independence, not submit to its specious temptations.   In other words, it can be natural to be compliant, work hard, or enjoy transient pleasures but not okay to do it recklessly.

Go BEYOND RECOVERY and help clients, patients or other dependents – as a counsellor, physician, parent, or supervisor – by showing them how to build their own mental strength with their own insight and courage so they can go forward with self-initiated passion, purpose, and poise.

You must know that it is important – and essential – that you derive your own solutions, not just follow another’s. To be able to get there, you need mental fortitude and composure.  It may seem hard at first but, once acquired, it will always be yours, and life will always become more challenging. You need it, therefore, not just to get out of a bind, but to make the rest of your life HAPPY AND PRODUCTIVE and the source YOU!

The Resolution

‘First you must understand why you feel mentally weak or emotionally unsettled.  This is not a disease or disorder though it can be so in extreme cases.  It is really the balance between what is impacting you at that moment and how well you can intelligently manage it.  The solution is to work on getting the insight to build your understanding, not in minimizing the problem or suppressing the feelings.   I know this may sound cruel and heartless – pushing you to build you when what you feel is that you are unfairly violated.  I am not saying that you are weak.  I am saying that life has a habit of overpowering even the most capable person with new or changed conditions – allegiances, expectations, impositions, instabilities – causing you to feel trampled if you can’t rise to the challenge.  Right now you may be too busy beating on yourself for your failures, or looking for compassion or assistance.  Yet here I am telling you that you can look at that tattered, torn self and reinflate it with insight – into yourself and into your world.  It may not seem useful now, but it is the best medicine you can have.  Let us give it to you.

If you are responsible for others, the secret to effective guidance – as a supervisor, physician, counsellor, parent – is to inspire them to realize and build their own mental strength so they can go forward with dignity, not just to succeed or survive on yours.

This strategy offered by Prometheum Institute is one on life management through enlightenment.  It is offered as an extension to therapy, not a replacement of it.  We do NOT purport to offer therapy.  You may, however, discover that you will have less need for therapy as you use the guidance to build personal mental strength.    Its aim is to help you to see yourself and your life-challenges with greater clarity through information and logic so YOU manage better, not settle for a simple existence under care and supervision.

Albert Einstein is reputed to have said that “Human endeavour might be described as an attempt to replace ignorance with knowledge.”  This is an invitation to manage mental health with human endeavour.

If Your Life Seems Blurry

If You are a counsellor, parent or other caregiver