They need logical insight and guidance


clarify and simplify their transition into responsible adulthood.

Youth need straight talk that respects their intelligence and empowers their self-worth.  They may not reveal it but they are often lost trying to navigate the confusing messages they get from their reality. Don’t let them get it from their peers who are also searching. Don’t punish or cajole them into controlled behaviour, or protect them from their peer influence. It makes them more confused. And the confusion encourages them to escape the “noises” using artificial assists – drugs, partying, social dependencies, sexual redefinition.

If your youth or loved one seems to be retreating to seclusion or alienation, hooked on an unhealthy habit – drugs, alcohol, internet gaming, partying, or reacting too readily with anger or violence – learn to look past the immediate need to stifle or treat the unhealthy behaviour and instead, let us help them understand and build a healthy core that overrides those defences.

Be very careful of the multitude of treatment services that focus on controlled abstinence together with structured management techniques that can seem alien to the youth who feels insecure, weak, or unstable at the core. It can be a turn-off to youth or take them to a fragile, uncertain future where abstinence becomes their main goal and only aspiration.

Look at our unique approach and delivery

Get more than an abstinence program.  Get more that kindness and support.  Get more than structured life management.


and stop a dangerous situation before it becomes an insurmountable  problem.

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