If you know how to look for the beauty within the chaos.

You don’t have to fight it, struggle through it, or run away (even if you only do so virtually).  That is not living; it is existing, a transient experience no matter how ideal it may feel for the moment.

You can make life  pleasant and rewarding – even in hardship

In today’s highly complex and volatile world of family, social, and geopolitical unrest, it is quite common for anyone to be left with unresolved issues, unsolved problems, or an undesirable consequence they cannot restore easily or quickly.

When this happens, there seems to be only three ways to get back on an even keel and sail forward confidently.

  1. Fix the existing problem or get help to fix it as it arises.
  2. Look for the source of the activity that disturbed the situation and fix that.
  3. Ignore the problem or run away from it and hope it will go away naturally.

The first may promise immediate results.  It may even seem easier and able to be done with the help of another person, a tool, or just time. After all, you have failed or are unfairly burdened.  So you believe you should get something or someone who can do a better job for you.   It, however, is usually temporary as the factors that distort or create the conditions are still active and unresolved.   They may be invisible but are still generating new distortions that will either make the problem appear to stay or be replaced by another that is just as difficult or more so.

The second seems like the hardest and most time-consuming option because it requires the ability to understand and see the factors that are invisible and may even be unknown.  Yet, it is the easiest and most positively effective option.  It simply requires the determination to look for the unknown and invisible, the guidance to understand them, and the encouragement to make this an objective.

The third requires the least effort.  It is based on the presumption that the distortion of the conditions is a transient and automatically reversible state.  If left long enough, it will disappear or be returned to a more pleasant or manageable state. The problem here is that the assumption is wrong.  Chaos is natural; stability is the transient state.

We recommend and are inviting you to consider Number 2.  Our method does not make you feel that you have failed, are sick, or foolish.  It does not give you an immediate answer.  In fact, it exemplifies the old adage, “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”  You see, we see you as human, treat you as human – capable, and with the attributes to be the creative, accountable, successful person.  You are not flawed, just not sufficiently empowered.  You just need to be shown how to reach inside and discover and develop that.  You become self-empowered, not empowered by us.

Although it does not hold your hand through your ordeal, it gives you the power to not need that assist.  You’ll feel good because you’ve become stronger, not because you are advised by a stronger person.

Please go through the pages at the top menu and get started.  You will be giving yourself the best gift you can have – YOU!

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