-Prometheus, the god of wisdom, stole fire from the heavens and taught man to use it. At Prometheum Institute, we show you how to stoke the fire within you –  your self-esteem – build it, preserve it, or restore it purposefully.

Here you will find, not answers or empathy, but real insight that allows you to be the MASTER of your life.

To be master of your life is not to follow a straight path, not to always do the right thing or appear to do it, not to just be free and unfettered or safe and protected.  It IS to feel comfortable in whatever circumstances you encounter without having to prove yourself, being creative and flexible, kind and forgiving because you believe in you.

The human mind is an incredible force.

When strong, it can lead to great success, accomplishment, creativity and influence.

You can go through a rigid or encouraging journey to manage your unhealthy responses to life.  But, no matter how diligent or driven you are to reverse the conditions that served to weaken your resolve and put you further behind, you still must rebuild, restore and secure the energy that makes you human – the energy of self-esteem.

It can be weakened or distracted, not because you are ill or foolish, but because you unwittingly left it exposed to the instability and inconsistency of life.


Then, it can, not just leave you unable to function rationally or effectively; it can also create distortions within your body simulating or precipitating a variety of diseases and disorders.

You still need to stimulate yourself to function competently and productively as a primary goal by learning how to reach in and secure your mental potential or power.  You have it; you have built it; but you can allow it to become deflated by the ways you have used to prime it.

Here is an opportunity, regardless of what you are doing at this moment, even if you are doing really well, to also give yourself the discernment to be able to prime your personal strengths from within and so be less vulnerable to the forces that can deplete what you have and what you are, and…

  • be better poised to move forward, not just stay away from trouble.
  • confidently rise on top of a situation that causes you distress or distraction
  • manage a relationship at home or work
  • continue your journey of recovery, not just from an addiction but to a more meaningful life

Let us take your recovery to the next step