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What do you want?

If you or a loved one feels hooked or dependent on the need for drugs or alcohol, it may seem natural to want or seek the assistance of someone, anyone who is strong, focused, or professionally trained to save, support, or pull you out of that state of weakness or fear.

That may be good for the short term, the satisfaction of your immediate need for survival.  You still are better served to know why you need it and how to remove that need that draws you back again and again to that destructive habit.  This is a job only you can do, either for yourself or for your loved one if that loved one is still a youth.

You must know that each time a person uses drugs or alcohol or gets drawn to any act that can be destructive or distractive, they are making a decision to use.  People do not just happen onto a chemical.  They decide to use it, and that decision comes in order to

  • get a pleasure, respite, or satisfaction they are otherwise denied,
  • temporarily or partially escape from an otherwise oppressive or intrusive life
  • suppress an existential or physical pain, or both as each may spawn the other

In other words, there is an emptiness inside that must be filled, if not with real fulfilment, then with the temporary and artificial contribution from the chemical or act they have discovered will help if only for the momemnt.

So, what do we need to do?

We need to look at the source – our inner strength – because life is designed on perpetual change.  New challenges and problems will always arise.  We  must have the inner resources to adapt to life’s challenges, or we will often feel overwhelmed, unsure, or just lost in the quagmire of life’s perpetual impositions and inconstancies. 

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