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Our job as counsellors is not to heal or manage our clients. We cannot aim to make each person into our personal project and so become responsible for their successes or failures. The only thing we can do is to teach them how to manage themselves.

We must know, however, that we are planting a seed. Our job is to enlighten, stimulate, and help them assimilate it. We plant the seed. Sometimes it grows immediately. Sometimes it will seem to die but then spring up again when conditions are right. We must learn to accept that we have done our job when we teach them. They will have done their job when they apply it.  But we have to do our job insightfully.

“Give a man a ‘why’ to live for and he will handle almost any ‘how’.  Viktor Frankl – Man’s Search For Meaning.

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Invited participants:  addiction counsellors and mental health workers.

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Study time: This course is a comprehensive study.  Thus, we suggest that you arrange specific times to do the readings and view the lessons as it challenges traditional thinking and engages you in looking at your clients less as subjects to be managed and more as rational minds who have stumbled or are insufficiently stimulated.

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Course Content

Our course is unique and very informative. Instead of providing fixed solutions for defined problems, it shows you how to examine each problem as coming from a unique source and create solutions that are targeted and relevant.  This allows your client to feel valued and special, and you to be on top of your challenges.  You empower the clients, not manage them.

Thus, it is a process that requires analytical participation. You learn to see to each client as a capable human being who is only operating out of a state of existential ignorance and emptiness, a state that is an integral part of addiction, partly its cause and partly its effect, but existing despite it.   Fixing this state can be necessary to heal the person after recovery from the addiction and also to help heal the addiction, or perhaps just help someone get a new lease on life

Content Description

The content is offered as three modules.

Module 1. The Analysis  LOOK WHERE YOU CAN’T SEE
The fears and capabilities of any person are locked within their psyche. No matter how they are displayed as unhealthy behaviours or unstable moods, you still do not know what is going on within the person until that person chooses to reveal them to you. The ability to get the person to let you into their inner sanctum is both a skill and trust. We will explore how to get them.


Knowing the fears of your client means knowing fears, how they are generated, what evokes them, and how they are affected by the person’s depth of understanding. You have to be able to measure that, but not with a physical instrument. You need the instrument of a great depth of understanding and perspicacity


Module 3. Guiding the Application HEAL WHAT YOU CAN’T TOUCH
You are treating the mind, not only stifling the behaviour. You cannot touch it and no medication can. Chemicals can disconnect it and that is what you are working with. The only person who can touch it is the person him/herself. Therefore, you have to know how to guide the person to heal him/herself.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives of this course are

  • To feel competent working with the intelligence of the client and bolstering it through logical guidance and realistic engagement so they develop and expand a powerful self-realization and self-actualization
  • To be comfortable seeing each client, no matter what is the behavior or personality display, primarily as a capable human intelligence that has to be ignited but for whom the behavior or attitude serves an immediate purpose.
  • To be able to steadfastly recognize and accept that our job is to discover, and help that person discover that purpose, leading them to both have less destructive options and a reduced dependency on established behaviors meant to serve that purpose.


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This course promises to take you on a unique and serious journey to creative counselling that is both stimulating and positive.  Explore it. And, like Prometheus who stole fire from the heavens and taught man to use it, let us steal the fire of passion and guide you to ignite and engage it in others.

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