An addiction is not a redefinition of you.  It is a diversion that locks you in…

until you have the courage to get out – by moving on.

Our guidance is unique because we aspire to enflame the desire for self-actualization and self-assurance in our clients as the primary goal in recovery.


The effect is the elimination (not management) of the habit

We see the addiction as an escape from life gone awry – when life is too hard or the escape too easy.


It can cause a disease, but it is still just a desperate need or desire to escape from a progressively weaker position.

We do not want to leave you in controlled abstinence while you suffer inside.


Therefore, we fix inside first.  Then, we encourage you to embrace life as it is.

You leave the addiction because you have no need to escape. You enjoy the power you will have discovered within yourself.

Our immediate focus is on discovering the deficiencies that allowed you to seek the escape provided by the drug or interest.


Then, we focus on showing you how to restructure your inner self, (your self-image), by building and securing a rational and strong emotional state that is backed by ingenuity, not social, corporeal, or material assets.


We hold steadfastly that a person with a strong and balanced emotional state will naturally feel and display rational responses; we do not have to teach that. It is innate to the rational mind.


We also hold that, when rational states persist, old habits die or are reduced by attrition. We do not have to restrain them.


e want to encourage you to believe in your own power and to understand chaos and complexity in life, not as conditions you must overpower or which may overpower you, but as fuel that can stimulate and invigorate you!

Our clients over the past forty years, have not had to stay in a recovery state, do not need continuous support, and have gone forward both in career ambitions and family management.  Some have returned to college and restarted desirable careers.


We stay in touch but not through counselling as this is not needed.