recovery is more than becoming abstinent.

It is the recovery of your dignity, your purpose, and confidence to manage with discernment in a world that can be demanding in its expectations, stingy in its praise.

Whether you are already…

addicted to drugs, alcohol or other activities to soothe pain or offer a diversion

exhausted or burnt-out trying to appease, please or serve

too often venting your anger or frustration at things or people

giving in to anxiety or even depression because you feel overwhelmed

No matter who you are, no matter what is the state of your ability to manage at the moment, it is important to realize that

Showing anger or frustration does not mean that you are ruthless, immoral, or unconscionable.

Being hooked on an unproductive activity does not mean that you are immoral or diseased.

Feeling emotionally weak or exhausted does not mean that you are mentally incapacitated.

It is possible and realistic to RESTORE… RECOVER… ACHIEVE the full power of self.

We will show you how to stimulate yourself to function competently and productively as a primary goal by reaching in and tapping your full mental potential or power.   We will show you that, when you achieve this authority over yourself, you will leave old unhealthy behaviours because you no longer need them.

you know yourself, believe in you, and do because you feel good instead of hoping to feel good by controlling what you do.

Let us show you how you can do it comfortably, effectively, and permanently.