Prometheum Institute is the professional provider of a unique and radical way of viewing, understanding, and managing mental health.  Prometheum Institute is registered as an educational facility with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities of Ontario.


We provide a forum for researching, discussing, and implementing the idea that the mind is a psycho-socio-spiritual existent, the essence of who we are, not a manifestation of biological function.   We see that its function is that of erudition, the acquisition of knowledge.  Mental health is the activity of constantly seeking knowledge and experience.


It can be compromised when stimulation or guidance is insufficient.  It can also be compromised when neurological function is distorted as that restricts the effective provision of stimulation and guidance.   Regardless of how that stimulation is reduced, the major effect is the insufficiency, not an illness.  Insufficiency of  mental maturation, therefore, is more easily remedied with education than with medication.


We see, however, that even though there is a need for treating the neurological illness if it exists, there is still the primary need, in a vast number of people, to overcome that insufficiency through the process of realizing and stimulating the undiscovered power of the mind.

Like Prometheus, the Titan who stole fire from the heavens and taught man to use it, we aim to grasp the fire of knowledge and teach our clients to have it, use it and maintain it – for themselves, by themselves, and with others who come their way.

We want to help others build, restore, and secure the mental potential or power to function purposefully and productively as a primary goal regardless of the challenges life throws at them.   Everyone has it; everyone has to build it; but anyone can allow it to become deflated by the impositions and expectations of their journey through life.

Traditional approaches focus on fixing or restoring what is believed to have gone bad.
We focus on enriching what we realize was insufficiently energized or esteemed.

If you like this page, please read further.  Let each page take you on a journey deeper into your own understanding.  The more you understand, the more the ideas become yours and not just mine shared with you.  First explore The Reality of The Challenge.

Discover… Recover… Expand Mental Strength

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