INSTEAD, WE EMPOWER OUR CHARGES (to overcome a condition)

There are two ways to help a person overcome a condition.  One is to simplify life, reduce the stresses, lower expectations.  The other is to empower the person to function above the stresses, expand the understanding.  We aim to emphasize the latter.

Therefore, let us share with you a formula that can allow you to routinely


  • look where you can’t see. The fears and capabilities of any person are locked within their psyche. No matter how they are displayed as unhealthy behaviours or unstable moods, you still do not know what is going on within the person until that person chooses to reveal them to you. The ability to get the person to let you into their inner sanctum is both a skill and trust. We will explore how to get them.
  • examine where no instrument can take you. Knowing the fears of your client means knowing fears, how they are generated, what evokes them, and how they are affected by the person’s depth of understanding. You have to be able to measure that, but not with a physical instrument. You need the instrument of a great depth of understanding and perspicacity
  • treat what you cannot touch. You are treating the mind, not only stifling the behaviour. You cannot touch it and no medication can. Chemicals can disconnect it and that is what you are working with. The only person who can touch it is the person him/herself. Therefore, you have to know how to guide the person to heal him/herself.

The cost is $250.00 CAD.  It covers registration, all material and all interaction to make the course both useful and professional..

The full course is offered as three distinct parts – the analysis, the foundation, and the application. When you complete the three parts, a certificate will be issued.


We want your full engagement with those who seek your help to be based on the desire to guide the person to be self-actualized, not functioning with a continuing dependence on your strength or authority.

We will show you a unique way of inspiring your clients to be independently driven, balanced, and secure adults no matter how their past was scrambled or their present oppressive.


You will continue to offer personal counselling that will engage clients to  start changing attitudes and activities within a short time.


You will guide your clients to be their own authority, not simply healing their hurts or structuring their behavior.  Then, seeking solace through substances or other defensive actions becomes unattractive as even a tough reality will seem manageable, and rewarding in its management.

This course has been approved by CACCF for 25 hours of CE credits.