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To manage an unhealthy mood or behaviour

By knowing yourself, liking yourself & empowering yourself to be the best you can be. You are the best person to heal yourself because you alone can see within you. All you need is the insight, the encouragement, and a rational sense of purpose.

Dealing with any emotional or behavioural problem by focusing on building strength rather than removing weakness can let you emerge with a passion to face life with dignity and poise. You will discover it is more healthy and stable than having survival as your primary purpose and immediate goal.

 Making a Diagnosis

Understanding The Why

To fix anything, we must first diagnose what is wrong and what is needed. Yet, mental anguish, just as mental contentment, is so hidden that its existence will go unnoticed until it comes out as an inappropriate act or the uncontrolled dependency on the drugs or alcohol you desperately use to avoid the pain or replace it with artificial pleasure.

Mental strength, the reverse of mental anguish is, however, not an expectation. It is something we have to build as life’s demands challenge it.

Therefore, when it fails, it cannot be a disorder of something that was there. It is an insufficiency of something that was not fully established.

Yet, the conventional way to address a mental/behavioural dysfunction is to see the person as flawed, damaged.  Then we remove or stifle the flaw without having discovered or being able to identify what the flaw really is.

Everyone has the mandate to build themselves. People fail, not only when they have not built enough, but also when they have stopped building because enough can never be met.

It means that, if you have reached a state when you are already feeling hopeless, or addicted to the substances or activities that have given you trivial respite, you are not bad, or foolish, or sick. You are simply functioning with an insufficiency in one or many areas of experience, a condition that is easy to fix permanently and securely.

The feelings or activities may seem debilitating, but it is wiser and more logical to strengthen the structure rather than repeatedly fix the effects of its weakness.


 Understanding the Process

Applying Logic

You alone can strengthen the inner you. To do it, you need to understand two underestimated facts.

One is that life is designed on the basis of change. New things happen. New opinions are displayed that can be fair or unfair. The impositions that form your reality come from invisible activities that grow and evolve, independent of you, invisible to you just as your thoughts and feelings are invisible to them. They arrive. You are there.

The other is that the human being is designed as a force of reason. Reason, however, and the knowledge it brings, is a strength that does not come naturally; it must be developed. And the forces of life that can allow us to build it can also hold us back from building it. Therefore, no matter how determined anyone is, their mental strength can be overwhelmed by new activities that make it insufficient – for that condition, at that moment.

We just have to know how to apply these forces productively and rationally. And until we do, we are at the mercy of the perpetual change that will always challenge reason and leave us feeling mentally insecure or incapacitated when we fall short.

Anyone can do it, even if you have fallen behind. You see, the insufficiency is not a flaw or a fault. It is always there. What we know will always fall behind. No one is immune – the wise as the naive, the rich as the poor, the saint as the sinner. Therefore, everyone needs to build self, not to be greater than the stresses that will always grow, but to use them as food for the emergence and advancement of self

It is easy, simple, and possible even for those who are already caught in the haze of drugs or alcohol, or lost in hopelessness and despair.  It may seem easier to be carried when you feel most weak, but it is more expedient to build the strength to do it yourself.

Let us show you how. We will neither heal you nor condemn you. We will show you how to see yourself as a creative mind with the power of reason. We will show you how you can expand that and use it to build an understanding of life and of self that lets you tackle any problem with self-generated wisdom, purpose,and poise.



Empower Yourself – Be the Master of Your Own Life

discover how to face the chaos and complexity that is life with independently driven passion, purpose and poise

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Our Philosophy

We want people to be the master of their own life. discovering how to face the chaos and complexity that is life with independently driven passion, purpose and poise. It is something everyone can do and we want to give you the opportunity and guidance to do it.

Find out why we are different.

General meetings

The Universal Challenge

True Management is that of empowering the capability of the manager, not just doing what you are told or following structured solutions. You need to be secure within yourself to be the real manager of your own life – at work, at home, in social interactions, or alone.

Empower and project your own self-assurance.

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Self Empowerment

Use our platform to start again with new eyes or put some zest in what you have already started. Let us give you a new perspective on life, responsibility and recovery.  Learn to deal with life on its terms, not seek a life that will accept you on yours.

If you want a purpose beyond mere physical survival


About Us

The principals are two people who are highly trained, experiened, and dedicated.  We have researched this technique in depth through a vast range of disciplines – science, medicine, philosophy, sociology, theology, and psychology – to reach a sound understanding of life and our role learning to live within it and rise above its challenges.


Prometheum Institute

Prometheus was the Greek god of wisdom. He stole fire from the heavens and taught man to use it. Fire – the passion to want, to reach, to lead.

since 2004

Prometheum Institute is an educational facility that was registered with the department of Colleges and Universities in 2004 as a teaching facility to provide guidance in life management techniques including rehabilitation from drug or alcohol abuse or dependency, and mental health dysfunction manifested as anxiety, self-doubt, anger or other intrusive behaviours.
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