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We focus on Life Management, not just the management of behaviour.  We want you to have your dignity, or get it back.  We want you to know how to keep it even when life seems difficult and people unforgiving.

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We specialize in youths as their needs are unique and does not conform to traditional abstinence programs, but we also are trained and experienced helping adults whose use leaves them stuck in an emotional immaturity that needs unique management options.

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We are a registered educational facility, licensed to give personal management guidance. We teach you to manage in the reality in which you live, not just within a sterile clinical setting that does not represent your reality.

99% Success

Our success has been proven over the past thirty-five years with clients who have gone on to further studies, higher employment in more responsible positions and more stable family life.  Their goal is responsibility that leads to abstinence, not abstinence at the expense of responsibility.

What makes us unique

We see the feelings, not the behaviour

Self-Image is how we see ourselves, what our attributes are and how valuable these attributes make us.  The human being is a social existent.  We need to function within a community.  That can be a family, a peer structure, a national, parochial or religious group, or just a significant other.  Therefore, the way we see ourselves will determine what we display and consequently how others will view and accept us.

In the beginning, a child is part of a family unit and the definition of self is taken from the strength or capacity of the family.  It can be so strong that the child never has to look within to find personal attributes.  It can also be so weak or disjointed that a child has to look too early and finds the easiest or more accessible values they can get from others or they can see of themselves.  Often this is done before real values within self can be developed.  Then the values are fragile leading to a fragile, spurious, or insecure self-image.

The discovery of personal values comes only when that is decided to be the primary goal in a person’s formative years, often a painstakingly difficult task that parents or society cannot but leave only partially accomplished.  Sometimes it is honestly or naïvely defined by values that are superficial on the one hand or practically unreachable on the other. At other times, a youth, given good direction at home, may find it inapplicable in the peer community into which they feel they must fit.  Then, “fitting in” with the community that occupies most of their lives becomes the driving force causing them to embrace values and build a self-image that may not be acceptable in other circles.  And they feel confused and unstable.

We cannot leave these youths either in that state of confusion or innocently ensconced in values that, though necessary for them to fit in with a community they really do not know is fleeting, can lead to self-destructive or socially unacceptable behaviours.  We have to help them grow into truly competent, self-determined adults, by being able to recognize themselves and determine their value as cognitive beings with a mandate to build intelligence, not physical beings with a need to survive.  Youths use logic and respond to logic.  We take advantage of that and challenge and stimulate youths to grow to full maturity and then eschew old values when they discover the superior value of themselves as thinking, creative forces, and fulfillment as the ability to contribute, not just be accepted.

This is our mandate and our promise.

We’ve helped so many

get their lives back!

  •  “ I learned a lot and gained a new sense of identity.  Today I uphold continuous learning and growth as a soul to self –discovery.  Despite the fact that I am still dealing with legal issues I keep myself intact and deal with these challenges in strong way.   Thanks to Prometheum Institute for the guidance in my journey.”

  • “I got the wakeup call that I needed to get me to change the focus and priorities in my life. The program helped me develop a deeper interest in certain activities.  I read several books during the program which helped the types of qualities needed to lead a balanced and meaningful life.”

  • “I have learned that life is not perfect and we all make mistakes.  Now I know that I can use my mistakes as lessons in life, learned from them and move forward.  I accept that life is a chaos, and the only thing I can change is my view on life and I choose how I manage myself."

  • ”  I wanted to be a good man, I just did not know how.  In this program I realized that I never had a chance to grow up and become a mature person.  I needed to take responsibility for my life, expand myself and go through some life challenges that I always avoided.  Thanks for the guidance and the feedback.  Your firm and gentle encouragement made a difference in my life.  “

  • “ I did not see life before the way I see now because I did not understand lots of things about me. The most beneficial change is that I now have a methodology for gaining perspective and assessing and addressing situations. This enables a more objective respond to events.”

  • "At Prometheum Institute, I learned to see my life and the purpose of life differently. Now I am facing life challenges in a positive way. They never offered a solution to my problem, but instead, helped me develop the tools/skills to recognize and work though it “

  • ”I used drugs that led me to violence, depression and finally crimes and, of course, criminal charges. Referred by my lawyer, Prometheum Institute taught me that in my comfortable life, sheltered from the real world, I was trapped in adolescence. They woke me to my responsibility to grow up and deal with the chaos that is our world. I am 23 now and living life for the first time, no drugs, no depression, no violence. I like it!"

  • “I was a young professional in my 20’s, depressed and living an unhealthy lifestyle, partying and using marijuana on a daily basis. I was very reluctant to pursue help. However, with the help of Prometheum Institute, and I truly changed my life. Through their innovative techniques I learned to empower myself to explore and extend my life. Thank you.”

  • ”Thank you for waking me up to living, instead of hiding and wasting time in the basement. I have learned and I am continuing to learn the art of being proactive and not reactive in every possible situation I have to deal with, whether it is good or bad. I now have and I will continue to develop stronger self-esteem, and greater mind and a healthier soul. Now I know that it is up to me to become a mature person. I have the tools, and want to use them. “

  • ”I was in high school and I felt totally insecure about what people think of me…..I had my sunglasses on all the time. I started hating myself for who I am and how I feel inside. At Prometheum Institute I learned to see myself realistically, understand the frustration and anger in me. I learned to see life as a journey and challenges as invitations to grow me, not to blame self or others for their presence.”

Learn about our tested & trusted

three-pronged approach

We see behaviour as the manifestation of how you feel inside.  We see that inside feelings are driven by your value systems. So when these are threatened, you can be forced to use coping strategies or support systems that save you… for the moment.

We examine, and teach you to examine and manage all three!

You use them to guide you on how you should live. But they can constrain you if you make them your master, not your tool
They allow you to survive but they stop you from growing. Relying on them too much can stagnate you or cause you to fail when intelligence is called for.
You need them when you are weak. You are them when you are strong. You must know how to use them sparingly and be one constructively.

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