Be the Master of YOUR Life

A video podcast series that guides you
to restore your authority to face life - with passion, purpose and poise

Get the management advantage

When you feel you have failed, either because

  • you have become enslaved to an unhealthy habit, or
  • you feel emotionally or intellectually weak, or
  • you have to do wrong things just to get by or hang on to life, or
  • you have started to lose your relationships at home, at work, or within your community

Then, the desire to hide from being considered foolish, mad, or bad may prevent you from reaching for direction to get back the authority in your own life or get it if you feel you never had it, and to seek relief instead. Yet, if done purposefully, the pursuit of self-actualization is the best gift you can give yourself.

This is an invitation to explore and embrace that gift.

You see, the true culprit is not your reality for it is as imposing or invasive for everyone as it is for you, but that, within you..

your self-actualization may be incomplete, poorly defined, suppressed, or defined by spurious values

you are actually the best person to fix any flaw or immaturity by boosting your knowledge, insight, and sense of purpose

it is more expedient to realize and expand what is good than to repeatedly try to fix what seems bad

you can then comfortably take life by the helm and navigate prudently through any turmoil or adversity

Get your key to a new and satisfying life

Your doctor may have prescribed medications to help you deal with the pain of feeling overwhelmed; your counsellor may have helped or shown you how to get away from the clutches of an addiction or deal with an unfair imposition; your therapist may have helped you through the confusion of failure or rejection. Now you need a key that opens your ability to see and understand yourself, building the personal strength to take the helm of your life and be the captain of your own voyage forward in a reality that will continue to be relentless in its demands, stingy in its praises – not just for you but for everyone. 

Life is for Growing – Not Surviving

Man, homo sapiens – is a being of intelligence.  We use reason above any physical skill, strength, or instinct.  We have bodies that allow us to display that intelligence and apply ourselves rationally to the conditions that arise within our environment.  We do, however, have to build that intelligence – by having the courage to look into the unknowns and make them knowns.  Those unknowns emerge from the function of our bodies, our social connections, and our physical world.

We do have a choice, however.  We can  choose to define, develop, and strengthen ourselves as minds.  Or we can choose to focus on defining ourselves as sophisticated bodies with the need to pamper, satisfy, and display ourselves as it.  The content of this website is offered to those who want to respect themselves as intelligent minds with a mandate to realize, nurture, ignite, and use the mental strength of reason (the Prometheus gift), not just treat its weakness or display circumscribed behaviour.


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