A Video Podcast Series

that takes you on a journey to Discover Yourself
So you face life with your strength, not rely on  others’

When you feel scared, distressed, confused, or lonely, don’t just run away to drugs, alcohol, defensive aggression, or passive retreat.

Discover and build the full power of self instead.

Have A Purpose-Driven Life

Lower life forms have two real reasons for living. One is to get food. The other is to not be food. And when those are satisfied, they will play, rest and sleep.  The human being seems to have a higher purpose. It is one of creativity, reason, and spirituality that feed and give value to our being.  It is our mental strength.

With mental strength as our purpose, our focus and drive are healthy. Without it, our ability to function can be erratic at the best of times or driven to distraction trying to succeed or, at least, survive for the moment.  We do have a choice, however. We can rise to that higher purpose and define a value system that focuses on building our mental strength to be the best we can be.  Otherwise, we may live like the lower life forms with value systems that allow us just to live or even to live well.

This is an invitation to choose to be the master of your life, reach to the higher state of creativity, reason, and spirituality so you do because you believe in you, not simply seek to believe in you or have others believe in you for what you have done.  Reach for it if you have neglected it.  Explore it if you just were not given the tools to recognize and respect it.  Expand it if, having started, you need some strategies to energize you on your journey.

our personal dilemma

You see, when we feel scared, distressed, confused, or lonely, we usually see either that conditions are unfair or the body (or some part of it) is weak, diseased, or disturbed.  So we try to fix the body, disconnect it from reality, or tame the conditions with material, social, or bureaucratic assistance.

How dare we direct attention toward the body when it is doing what it is designed to do – react with the autonomous fight, flight, fright response like every other organic life form? The body is foolish.  It is designed to be.  You, however, are the intelligence, you the mind.  That is where attention must be directed.  YOU can empower the mind to rise to any challenge, but you have to be shown how and be given the insights on which to build that intelligence.

the solution

If you are caught in such a dilemma, or if you care about someone else who is, look, not at the natural limitations of the body or the natural restlessness of the physical and social realities, but at the depth of your independence as the intelligent life force you are meant to be.  You are born immature.  You have to build your mental strength, your emotional maturity.  Life is more than survival of the body or its comfort.  It is the invitation to discover, build, and elevate the intelligence that is you, YOUR emotional maturity.  And the only person who can do that is you, the existence with the right to build and have intelligence.  Advisors can only show the way, and medicines are there only to mitigate the outcome.   Look at these six progressive considerations that can guide you to build a strong, capable, personal identity of wisdom, courage, and purpose…

Why an unhealthy mood or behaviour is related to emotional immaturity

Why you have emotional immaturity

Why it is necessary to build emotional maturity

How to build and energize emotional maturity

How to use your emotional maturity to become more resolved and confident

How to use your emotional maturity to relate to others with flexibility and understanding.


Traditional treatment methods focus on the last three by providing fabricated psychological maturity.  At Prometheum Institute, we work with you the build your psychological maturity so YOU can face life with wisdom, purpose, and poise, not rely on us to be your support and strength.

Remember, it is not bad or wrong to discover that you are emotionally immature. We all start life that way. What is bad or wrong is staying that way. Yet, though it is a complex issue, the solution does not have to be complicated.