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prometheum institute

Prometheum Institute is a research and teaching facility functioning wholly as an online service to counsellors and mental health service providers.   The name, derived from the Greek god of wisdom who stole fire from the heavens and taught man to use it, reflects our approach to mental health.  We see mental health as something that must be awakened and energized.  This dictates our approach to personal management and recovery – education rather than treatment.  We see Prometheus’ fire of the heavens as the passion to do, to live, to be the best we can be.

We have established Prometheum Institute as an educational institute registered with the Department of Colleges and Universities of Ontario to offer guidance on building mental strength and teaching health professionals to direct their vision toward this goal.

We advocate that the suppression of an unhealthy behaviour or the soothing of unhealthy emotions still leaves the person mentally innocent or irresolute and, therefore, vulnerable to life’s changing challenges.

At Prometheum Institute, we see and teach that mental health is driven by mental strength, a property that is not innate to humankind but must be developed particularly. When mental strength is poorly developed, affirmed, or recognized relative to the conditions that challenge us, mental health can become destabilized. Since these conditions change randomly and continuously, the most useful thing people need when their mental health is compromised is understanding – that of why their mental strength is lacking, what caused the deficit, and what is needed to correct that deficit (not how to stabilize the conditions).

To help someone whose mental health is disturbed, therefore, we can suggest the solution for each condition where they experience distress. Or we can show them how to get it from themselves. To do this, people need only the guidance to look at themselves analytically, examine life constructively, and believe in themselves realistically. This is what our platform offers to both providers and clients alike. The online guidance is free and quite comprehensive.

Prometheum Institute remains as the corporate entity that provides counsellors and other professionals with both access to our publications and the opportunity to work with us to further our work.  Our research and publications are offered as a video podcast series on our website dedicated to its provision –  Clicking here will take you to that site.